Swift performance in Apple’s Xcode 6.3 beta

“Back in December we ported a few of our Geekbench workloads to Swift and compared their performance to the C++ implementations,” Anthony Schmieder reports for Primate Labs. “With last week’s announcement of a beta release of Xcode 6.3 we thought it would be a good time to revisit those results. In this post we find out whether the performance improvements in Xcode 6.3 Beta provide any speedup for our Swift workloads.”

“The improvements in the Xcode 6.3 Beta have provided a 1.4x speedup for GEMM and a 2.6x speedup for FFT over Xcode 6.1.1,” Schmieder reports. “Performance for the C++ workloads did not change, so we omit those numbers for the 6.3 Beta.”

“After the improvements in Xcode 6.3 and some careful optimizations, the performance of the FFT workload is now within 10% of the C++ implementation,” Schmieder reports. “The optimizations might look strange to someone who hasn’t read up on Swift internals, but they are easy to apply and can be used by any Swift programmer.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. This is such a valuable infrastructure tool for Apple, but it’s not glamorous so you don’t hear much about it, not as much as you should.

    Fortunately  has style and substance.

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