Dropbox adds killer productivity feature to iOS app

“If you’re a Dropbox user who owns an iPhone or iPad, then your life is about to get a lot more productive,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“The latest update to the Dropbox app for iOS adds the ability to save files directly to your Dropbox storage from the apps that you use through an Action Extension,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “And it’s simple to use… just tap the Share button from any app that displays it – for example the Photos app – and then hit Save to Dropbox.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “I’m already using my Dropbox account a lot more now.”

More info and screenshots in the full article here.


  1. So, has anyone out there done any heavy usage of Dropbox to replace a business server? Something with 100,000 active files and another 400,000 archived files.
    About 10-30 users.

    Only, the only reason I have them in a short list of online cloud servers is their price.
    $180 a user a year with no limit on storage. They tell me, sure 6 TB is fine.
    They also have added unlimited file versioning and backup.

    The problem I see repeated all over the Internet is once you go above 300,000 files, it takes too long to sync or doesn’t sync or locks up. Making a mess of your storage in multiple locations.

      1. Updated DB to the latest version, but can’t get any of my iOS apps to show it as a sharing option. Is there some other, unrelated setting needed to get this working? There is no “Save to Dropbox” function under the “… more” button.

  2. I dropped Dropbox when war criminal and terminally incompetent Condoleezza Rice joined the board.

    Ms Rice was the National Security Advisor on 9-11. When she was briefed by her predecessor during the transition she was told that Al Qaeda was the number one security threat to the United States and was encouraged to meet with Richard Clarke as soon as possible. She ignored that information and we all paid for it. Over 3,00 people died.

    She was also National Security Advisor when we invaded Iraq despite the fact that most of the 9-11 hijackers were Saudis.

    Ms Rice should be in jail with more than a few of her fellow NeoCons from the Bush MisAdministration.

    Enough said.

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