Apple Watch pricing and ASP: Poll reveals a hint

“In September last year, Apple disclosed its entry into the wearable market, the Apple Watch,” J. M. Manness writes for Seeking Alpha. “While some details of the device were revealed, and later a developers’ toolkit delivered, in regards to price, the only thing said was that the Sport model, the lowest priced of three, would start at $349”

“Apple aficionado site MacDailyNews has had a poll up for a while that asked its readers which model they would prefer of the six available,” Manness writes. “With over 1,500 people responding, I thought we might gains some insight into possible distribution of models, and from that estimate an average selling price.”

Manness writes, “Here is the poll questionnaire, and the results chart at the time they posted the article:”

Which Apple Watch will you buy? (1,535 Votes)

MacDailyNews Apple Watch poll

“To me, the surprise in the results is the strong showing for the Edition collection. The poll shows that 9% of respondents – 1 out of every 11 buyers – would be opting for the high-end Apple Watch, even though speculation is that the price will be definitely over $1000. This is much higher than I would have guessed,” Manness writes. “The question here is two-fold. First at what price do these buyers begin to drop off, and (of course) what will Apple’s price point really be? Will Apple go for a higher price for added exclusivity (and higher margins)? Or will they go for a lower price to generate more sales?”

Manness writes, “With this said, all there is to do is to multiply out the percentage distributions from the MDN poll with my estimated collection specific pricing.”

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      1. Correct as the watches will be customized to the hilt ….. I susp ct folks may buy multiple bands to go with the watches and the markups should be much higher than 40 percent, I think,

  1. If it’s a solid gold watch — and it is, the Edition edition (stupid model name) will be well over $1000.

    It will likely be over $3000.

    And people will buy it.

    (Keep in mind that a solid gold watch with a bracelet can have $3000 of gold in it.)

    1. Interesting though, is that in the myriad of gallery pictures on Apple’s website, the Edition is never shown with a metal bracelet. In some of the photos it even pictured with the Fluoroelastomer band having a gold pin. The back is ceramic. The front is sapphire. There could end up being only $500 (+/- $200)
      of gold in these – remains to be seen.

      1. They’ve made almost all of their *desktop* Macs, which have no real reason to be size-constrained, non-upgradable by soldering everything at the assembly plant. Only the Mac Pro and the larger iMac remain upgradable (and the iMac is just the RAM).

        Looking at the trend Apple has taken, I’d say the chances of their *smallest* class of product to date being upgradable is slim to none.

        1. Disagree completely. A gold watch that is obsolete in a couple of years makes no sense. I say the entire electronics of the high-end watch will be upgradable. At a price to be determined. The price for upgrade will probably be more than the price of a new low-end watch.

          1. I don’t think it will be upgradable. They have to squeeze in as much as they can now, and also because that forces constraints on future versions. Perhaps instead they will offer a generous trade-in on the gold one, as it will have significant value in the materials alone.

        2. Think of it this way. The watch will NOT be upgradable, but it WILL be transformable.

          When you transform an 🍅Watch the whole module, comprising of motherboard, CPU, RAM and graphics is replaced. Not just one piece of it.

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