White House cybersecurity ‘summit’ to draw Apple CEO Cook, other tech, Wall Street execs

“President Barack Obama will convene top executives from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and a number of other industries on Friday in a first-of-its kind cybersecurity ‘summit’ taking place as the government and corporate executives each struggle to adjust to persistent and sophisticated breaches,” Damian Paletta reports for The wall Street Journal.

“Mr. Obama will be joined at the Stanford University event by top officials at the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, and Federal Bureau of Investigation,” Paletta reports. “The officials will call on companies to share more information with the government in an effort to combat future cyberattacks, a plea officials have made for months with limited success.”

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook will deliver remarks about his company’s push toward a more secure payment system, a theme the White House is expected to try to reinforce for other companies throughout the event,” Paletta reports. Mr. Cook will be joined at Stanford on Friday by the CEOs of Bank of America Corp., U.S. Bancorp, American Express, Kaiser Permanente, Visa Inc., MasterCard Inc., and PayPal who also will speak on panels at the daylong event, along with representatives from Facebook Inc., Google, Intel Corp., and a numerous other companies.””

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    1. Congress, led by Boehner and McConnell, are complete hypocrites when it comes to spending. They both claim to want to balance the budget, but then at every turn they blow more money on security theater like TSA, drones, and huge military buildup in the middle east. I would be very surprised if these corrupt spendaholics take the time to trim Homeland Security. After all, their patrons need the no-bid contracts to make their quarterly cash flow targets.

  1. This is a great opportunity to deal with one quite well known cybersecurity threat, the NSA. From my list Snowden has provided it seems they have been involved in taking off Syria off the internet in 2012, industrial espionage and industrial sabotage. It would be nice to see the arm of justice reach out and deal with these scum.

  2. Cybersecurity blame game:

    1. Microsoft for
    a) crappy Windows code
    b) non-standard webcode, which is either buggy or causes headaches for web designers

    2. Abode for Flash

    3. Javascript

    4. routers

    5. alleged backdoors

    6. ISP, domain hosts, and web servers for not tracking down hackers

  3. I wonder what Sheryl Atkinson, award winning authentic journalist formerly of CBS News, thinks of the idea of the White House hosting a “cybersecurity summit”. The White House ordered the national defense apparatus to use all the cyber warfare tools at its disposal to hack Sheryl Atkinson’s computer, copy her files, monitor her contacts, spy on her work efforts. The White House used its contacts, which include the brother of the head of CBS News who is a national security official, threaten her if she continued to pursue the truth about Benghazi and various other stories. The White House prefers reporters like Brian Williams, a puppy dog who rolls over and pees on the floor when he sees Barack Obama. It has tested every cyber security malware tool there is to harass Atkinson, James Rosen and who knows who else.

    The White House views everyone’s computers as its own, and it believes it has the right to know everything anyone in the world is thinking and planning. And it will destroy the careers of anyone who honestly seeks to learn and communicate the truth.

    Cyber Security Summitt!! What a joke. They will tell the technology executives what they expect them to do if they want to remain on the “teachers pet list”.

      1. Norm – so you are saying you are OK with the government do whatever is required to destroy journalists if they report fact the Democrat President doesn’t like? Is that right? That is what happened to the award winning CBS Network journalist, Sheryl Atkinson. You have heard of CBS right? Or do you get all your news from Comedy Central. This time see if you can actually form a coherent thought in your reply and deal with the actual facts I presented. My guess is you are not capable of actual thought. Just remember, the powers you are OK with Obama having will next be wielded by Ted Cruz, so make sure you are OK with all Presidents having the same powers.

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