American Express ad promotes Apple Pay as ‘next evolution of membership’

Amercian Express has debuted a new television commercial on U.S. broadcast and cable networks that promotes Apple Pay as “the next evolution of membership.”

Experience Membership like never before. American Express’ timeless safety and security are now available on Apple Pay.

American Express was one of the three major payment networks top support Apple Pay at launch, along with MasterCard and Visa.

American Express’s Apple Pay ad:


  1. Speaking of Apple Pay. Home Depot refused my purchase with Apple Pay on my Debit/Visa card on a purchase over $100. Wanted to scan the card directly. So they wanted to use a less secure system for a larger purchase. I didn’t try a smaller amount. So I don’t know if it was a direct rejection of Apple Pay or if they were just being stupid about security.

  2. This is going to be huge for American Express. I’ve had my AmEx forever. They’ve bailed me out in a huge way when travelling. I will always have one in my wallet.

    Unfortunately you can’t use an AmEx everywhere.

    I imagine this will significantly expand the number of retailers that can “accept American Express”.

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