Re/code: ‘Photos for OS X looks to be a huge improvement over iPhoto in all aspects’

“With Photos for OS X, Apple has managed to build an app that feels both refreshingly new and comfortably familiar. For me, there was barely a learning curve in jumping from iPhoto to Photos,” Bonnie Cha writes for Re/code. “Overall, Photos is just a more visually stunning and pleasant app to use.”

“Photos offers many of the same editing tools as iPhoto, but they’re easier to use and offer more functionality,” Cha writes. “While Apple believes that Photos will offer enough to satisfy many current Aperture users and pros, the company said it also understands that others might opt for a more powerful editing program like Adobe Lightroom.”

Cha writes, “Based on my experience so far, Photos for OS X looks to be a huge improvement over iPhoto in all aspects, even if it lacks some of the advanced tools that will appeal to Aperture users and professional photographers.”

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  1. I’m sure functionality has been improved. To me, more importantly, would be better tool processing for images. For example, some high-ed apps are said to sharpen with much better control of artifacts produced. iPhoto was not bad at this, but top end products might have done this better. Will this be so, or are the mechanisms for editing the same as with iPhoto, just with an improved interface?

  2. Yippee. When is Apple going to update Aperture for superior photo processing and archiving on one’s Mac? Many users simply cannot rely on the iCloud, but Apple continues to push their subscription model on users and abandoning its professional Mac apps one by one.

  3. Apple should allow 3rd party extensions for their new photo app. Win-win for all. You could pick and choose from advanced sharpening algorithms, filters, effects, and other features to customize the photos app to suit your needs. Or, I suppose we could all just pay Adobe monthly for the rest of our lives …

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