Five things Apple co-founder Woz will tell you about business

“Steve Wozniak says he’s a shy guy — but you wouldn’t believe it by hearing him talk,” Tristan Navera reports for The Dayton Business Journal.

“The co-founder of Apple Inc. was relaxed when he took to the stage last night at Wright State University’s Nutter Center before thousands in Dayton as he chatted about his experiences in business and life,” Navera reports. “‘The Woz’ shared his perspective on how Apple has changed the tech world and where he thinks technology is going — beyond, he says, where he and fellow Apple co-founder Steve Jobs believed it would be when they assembled their first computers decades ago.”

Navera reports, “It’s a bit of a statement how many Apple-made iPhones were aglow snapping photos as Wozniak talked about the components that came together to make the first Apple product.”

Steve WozniakFive things Apple co-founder Woz will tell you about business:
1. Apple found the one customer no one else bothered to ask
2. Apple never discounted the ideas of the young
3. Smarter tech is coming — should it be a worry?
4. The technology wasn’t always used for good
5. Happiness isn’t about business success

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, we love Woz!

(That said, let the “Nutter Center” jokes commence!)


    1. And Alexander G. Bell produced the telephone based on the market research about what the people wanted… sure Woz. Of course Jobes and Ives will tell you they didn’t care a fig about market research. They figured if they made a great product people would recognize it. Woz has not been part of the picture for so long, people forget how little he has had to do at Apple for a very long time. Looking to him for quotes about the success of modern Apple is kind, but highly unlikely to produce meaningful answers.

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