Credit Suisse ups Apple price target

“Analysts at Credit Suisse upped their price target on Apple Inc. to $140 from $130 on Thursday morning,” Amanda Schiavo reports for TheStreet.

“The firm said it raised its price target on the iPad maker based on the apparent strong demand for the iPhone,” Schiavo reports. “‘We conclude that Apple likely has over 400 million iPhone users. Based on this analysis and taking into account a superior ecosystem, compute advantage and quickening replacement rate, we conclude that our already above consensus EPS projections of $9.25/$10.04 for CY2015/CY2016 may be conservative,’ Credit Suisse said.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. You want a good laugh. Since earnings were reported Amazon’s share price has gone up nearly $100 for making $0.45 in profits. Now that’s what I call getting mucho bang for the buck. I believe Apple went up about $10-$12 for breaking an all-time profit record of $18 billion for the quarter. What’s wrong with that picture? Everything.

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