CNN’s David Goldman: ‘The Apple Watch will flop’

“Nearly 70% of Apple’s revenue comes from the iPhone, iPad sales are slumping, and Apple needs a new product to reduce its reliance on one core product,” David Goldman writes for CNN. “It won’t find that with the Apple Watch.”

It costs $350. That’s a lot of money to fork over for a device that adds a slight bit of convenience. It doesn’t do anything more than your iPhone does — it just allows you to do some iPhone functions on your wrist,” Goldman writes. “Wearable devices haven’t taken off for that reason: The functionality doesn’t justify their price.”

Battery life is going to be awful. If the rumors of 10-hour battery life hold true, that’s truly dreadful. That’ll barely get most people through their work day and commute,” Goldman writes. “The Apple Watch does so much and it’s so small that there’s probably not much that Apple can do to improve the battery.”

MacDailyNews Take: Wait, first it doesn’t offer enough functionality, but then, in the next breath, it “does so much?” M’kay, hit-whore.

“What’s compelling about it?” Goldman wonders. “Do you need to send drawings to your friends to communicate that you want to get a cup of coffee? Do you really want to zoom in and out with a dial to see text on a tiny screen when you have a 5-inch screen in your pocket? Do you need to know your heartbeat while sitting at your desk?”

The full article could be found, we suppose, if one were so compelled.

MacDailyNews Take: When you come off as a rank amateur in comparison to the likes of John Dvorak or even a Rob Enderle, you know you’re a hopeless hack. (As if the “CNN” above your little scribbles didn’t regularly remind you.)

We greatly look forward to revisiting some of Goldman’s quotes in the not-too-distant future.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. WOW, talk about an uninformed moron. I could see if he wanted to write a hit piece because he doesn’t think the Watch will be popular, but to do so with blatantly wrong facts and basing it off of rumors is just pathetic and irresponsible.

    Good thing there will be plenty of people to point out his idiocy in a few months.

  2. David Goldman is such a product marketing whiz, that he just felt the need to get out of the goldmine in marketing.

    Thus, he entered the reporter trade so he could clue people in to how not to invest, make and waste their money.

  3. “Do you need to know your heartbeat while sitting at your desk?”

    Well, yes. As I’ve said before, if an Apple watch can give you two minutes warning of a heart attack or stroke you would be foolish not to have one. 🙂

  4. So a rumoured 10 hour figure is now spoken of as a period between battery charges which yes even an average fool would know isn’t going to be the case because it would not be a viable product. Yes that average idiot would know that that figure if even true is for a continuous use rate as per they give for iPads and iPhones the figures for which are in fact very similar, yet those devices aren’t written off as therefore useless are they? No the average idiot knows from a few checks that rarely would such devices actually have to be charged every 10 hours because they are not used in a power hungry way like those figures relate to. So what then does that say about Goldman he must be a right royal idiot to misunderstand what even the lamest moron mostly understands.

  5. Poor guy. There are a number of people that said the same thing about the iPhone and iPad.
    I have learnt to be open minded about apple’s products. Generally they understand what can be useful even if we did realize there was a need.
    Disclosure: I will be buying an apple watch as soon as it is available. There is not many times that I am the first adopter but this offers me a number of useful applications.

  6. It’s par for the course. Apple releasing a new product? Let’s explain patiently why it will fail.

    iPod — It wasn’t something anything needed.
    iPhone — It was too expensive
    iPad — It was an oversized iPod touch.

    Whatever. If anyone still listens to these idiots by now, there’s no hope of educating them.


  7. I’m a very happy shareholder but probably won’t get an Apple Watch:

    -When I’m traveling Internationally I use a solar watch with 5 atomic sync radios
    -When I’m photographing In the back country I use a divers watch for its ruggedness and don’t have to worry about recharging
    -On dressy social occasions I want a VERY thin watch so my cuffs fit

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