Apple special event due this month for all-new 12-inch Retina MacBook Air, final Apple Watch specs, sources say

“Apple may be planning to hold a media event in late February to showcase the final version of its upcoming Apple Watch, and also debut a newly redesigned MacBook Air, potentially with a Retina display, according to a new report,” AppleInsider reports.

“Word of a potential late-February event was reported on Wednesday by French Apple publication iGen, citing unnamed sources,” AppleInsider reports. “Specifically, it was said that Tuesday, Feb. 24, could be a likely date for such an event to unveil upcoming products.”

“Rumors have suggested that Apple will launch an all-new 12-inch MacBook Air with a thinner chassis this quarter, which concludes at the end of March,” AppleInsider reports. “As for the Apple Watch, although Apple offered a preview of the device and its appearance last September, the company has been working behind the scenes to finalize the hardware and software ahead of its launch in April. A February event could give Apple an opportunity to offer more specifics on the upcoming wearable device, such as battery life.”

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  1. I don’t understand why the world needs a 12″ MBA when 11″ and 13″ models already exist. The practical value of the Retina display has also been massively over-hyped.

    1. Maybe with the Air Apple will follow the same strategy it chose for the Macbook Pro: they proposed thinner and more expensive Retina computers along with previous non-Retina versions. The non-Retina will eventually be discontinued.
      If Apple chooses to go this route, current Air will still be available at a lower price than the new Retina Air until they can safely be discontinued.
      Then you’ll have the iPad, the highly portable but full OS X portable Retina Macbook Air and the powerful Macbook Pro. It makes sense for me.

    2. Said the entity who’s never used one. Retina Display makes ALL the difference clarity-wise on the old eyeballs. At last displays where we don’t notice pixels and that slight fuzziness with conventional displays. I love it!

    3. Maybe because you can replace both the 11″ and 13″s with a 12″ and simplify your offerings; thus keeping 12″ and 15″ retinas only.

      Now, I’ve had more apple computers than I care to remember, but the old 12″ was my all time favorite. I used it for 4 years, and it was later handed down to a younger brother, then to a niece, and finally a nephew for 3 more long, productive years.

      I have an 11″ air which I like, as the 13″ is a bit too bulky to travel for me. But a new air retina 12″ will definitely get me to stand in line …again.

    1. spot on! Apple has strayed too far into minimalist consumer models and is losing sight of what its core users need. I can see the MacBook Air lineup being consolidated to a single 12″ retina screen size, but much more importantly Apple needs more user-friendly user-upgradeable professional Macs in its lineup.

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