Apple puts the big hurt on Samsung

“Things are not looking so good for Samsung in the smartphone market, especially as it faces its Apple nemesis,” Matt Hamblen reports for Computerworld.

“Samsung is likely to see Apple iPhones rise to the top spot in 2015, pushing Samsung and its Galaxy and other smartphone models into second place,” Hamblen reports. “What’s more, Apple is releasing in April its first Apple Watch, which could knock the wind out of smartwatch competitors including Samsung, which already has several models on the market. ‘No question, 2015 is going to be a challenging year for Samsung,’ said IDC analyst Ryan Reith.”

Hamblen reports, “Samsung seems to miss something basic that Apple is really good at: Long-term market research about what technologies matter most to buyers and the ability to act on those insights.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung has no ecosystem of which to speak. Even after years of trade dress and patent infringement, Samsung simply cannot compete with Apple because they don’t offer anything unique that users value.


  1. MDN has a strong point. As a producer of Android phones, Samsung has no true ecosystem of its own. Google has gradually been making it more and more difficult to fork Android in any meaningful and useful way. And Tizen has not panned out for Samsung so far.

  2. “Samsung is likely to see Apple iPhones rise to the top spot in 2015”

    Hamblem seems to overlook the fact that it’s already happened, unless he imagines that vague estimates based on claimed shipped numbers are in some way the same as actual sales.

    Apple doesn’t need smoke and mirrors to make it look like it’s doing well. It sells desirable products in vast numbers and makes serious profits from doing so. Apple doesn’t need to be vague about it’s sales numbers. Apple doesn’t need to cheat benchmark tests. Apple doesn’t need to wait and see what others are doing before bringing out new products. Apple is in a league of it’s own.

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