I spotted an Apple Watch on the train this morning, and now I’m a believer

“The man to whom I gave a gentle push so that I might fit inside the crowded commuter train this morning was wearing an Apple Watch,” Mark Sullivan reports for VentureBeat. “As the train stopped in a tunnel, the man apparently received a reminder on his wrist, and when he raised his wrist I got a clear view. No, it wasn’t one of the knockoffs they were selling at CES. This thing looked like a luxury item, and it had the now familiar ‘bubbles’ Watch user interface.”

“I saw a text reminder on the screen, and then, briefly, a map. It appeared that the guy had been using the Watch for some time and was pretty used to it,” Sullivan reports. “The product is supposed to go on sale in April, but Apple gave Watches to a number of its employees to gather feedback and fix bugs.”

“One thing that disturbed me slightly about the device?” Sullivan reports. “Like other blockbuster Apple products, when you see it, something somewhere in the corner of your mind clicks on, and then you realize: You want one.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

Once Apple Watch hits the market in early 2015, nothing will ever be the same… Apple Watch, starting at just $349, will be a massive hit. Already in its nascent, first generation form Apple Watch is an object of lust, a compelling design that screams, “Wear me! Everyday and everywhere!” With its rather remarkable Digital Crown and pressure-sensitive Force Touch Retina display, precision engineering, exacting build quality, and pioneering user interface, Apple Watch proves that innovation did not die at Apple when Steve Jobs left us far too early.

Apple Watch is going to change everything… Along with many millions of people, you are going to want an Apple Watch. All you have to do it touch it and see even a glimpse of what it can do and you’ll be sold… The Apple Watch is going to be a massive hit that sells millions upon millions of units.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, September 9, 2014

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dominick P.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I can see where Apple could update the watch series a little more regular than the phones by adding different cases and special holiday cases, etc …..

    Watch has endless possibilities

    1. Once you see it, you want one. How is that not the best selling point ever? The product is so well built, so well presented, that it lights up the same neural pathways evolutionarily forged for sexual selection. Seduction loosens one’s hold on the pocketbook. I tell you, Steve Jobs was a marketing genius. Maybe this was his key LSD insight.

          1. Every time I took that stuff I always felt that I was going to be annoyed for the next 12 or so hours. I never got much out of it other than a few bizarre jokes that you would have to be on acid to get 😎

            And if you are hanna, welcome back , good to see your wit and your rather inscrutable musings.

    1. Only you….. could get that so wrong…. LOL (sorry, just had to)

      For some intense functions the iPhone is used (answering a call or getting a text over cell.) but for things like telling the time and measuring your heart beat, it works by itself.

    2. Pure genius for Apple to sell a $350+ must have accessory for a must have iPhone.

      It must be a pure hell for Ballmer and Gates to still stand up and defend their work for Microsoft over the last 15 years. They never ever took mobile seriously until the last few years.

  2. So you think that all the functionality of an iPhone and all the functionality of the extra stuff that is inside the watch should fit inside a 43mm by 43mm device? Is that right? Just think for a minute!

    And, ass someone already pointed out, the stuff that YOU probably think a watch should do IS done by the Apple Watch by itself already. So you shouldn’t be too disappointed.

    1. Can I say again how much I wish this thing wasn’t called “watch?” Its not a watch, any more than your phone is a watch, or your cable box is a watch. It’s a small personal computer.

      The things you want a “watch” or a fitbit to do are already available at far lower cost and in a form that serves their purposes (e.g., doesn’t need to be recharged at least daily).

      The things the Apple Watch is claiming to do seem beyond its capability to do in “insanely great” fashion, which is the reason to be cautious about the product beyond its fashion implications.

      Also it doesn’t exist yet, so… TBD.

  3. Apple Watch will be far more successful than most predictions by “experts.” ALL potential Apple Watch customers are already Apple customers. They own a recent iPhone. Apple is selling Apple Watch to people who are strongly predisposed to saying “Yes” to Apple. Predictions like 30 million in the first year seem large, but they are predicting less than 10% of potential Apple Watch customers will buy it. Come on… It will be higher than 10%, probably MUCH higher.

    Apple Watch is not a separate product. It is an enhancement of the iPhone user experience, like the Retina Display. Third-party developers will quickly update their EXISTING apps to take advantage of Apple Watch, just as they updated apps for the Retina Display. Once that happens, the anecdote from this article will be repeated everywhere, a million times over. And unlike Retina Display, existing iPhone (5 or later) owners don’t even need to buy a new iPhone to get this MAJOR enhancement and join the “party.”

  4. something somewhere in the corner of your mind clicks on:

    “shoot I better buy more aapl “.

    I had the same feeling when Steve Jobs pulled out the iPhone.

  5. The biggest problem to getting an Apple Watch will be supply. I predict demand-backlog for the Apple Watch will exceed the demand-backlight we’ve seen for the iPhone 6/plus. Getting the exact model and wrist band you want will take even longer than it took to get iPhone 6/pluses last Fall.

    I expect to have to wait months to get mine from Best Buy, Amazon, Target or Staples because I’m gonna buy it with Perk TV earned gift certificates rather than direct from Apple. I believe Apple may be the exclusive source for Apple Watches until at least Summer. Sincerely hope I’m wrong. 😱😜😍

  6. Thanks for the hype. Reality: you’ll buy one…period. An iPhone every 2 years, an iPad every 5 years, an Apple Watch every 20. At $350 a pop, and new OS every year, you’d better buy the right one the first time, ’cause you’ll be wearing it for a LONG time, IMHO.

  7. Definitely will be a first adopter for this device. I even skipped have a Xmas present so I can justify spending $400-500 on a watch. Hopefully I will be able to sign up for one of the first shipments if preordering online is available.

    1. Yah I’ve decided to buy one as well. I’m hoping there will be a pre-order list. I’m going to buy the regular stainless version in the larger size. I want the leather band for going to church and the sport band for taking walks.

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