Tim Cook on Apple Watch: ‘I’m using it every day and love it and can’t live without it’

“Apple CEO Tim Cook says consumer demand for new iPhones has been ‘staggering’ and ‘hard to comprehend.’ That helped the company report record-smashing earnings for its latest quarter and primed its stock for a rally Wednesday,” Brandon Bailey reports for The Associated Press. “But after selling a record 74.5 million iPhones in three months that ended in December, what can Apple do next?”

“Apple plans to start selling its highly anticipated smartwatch in April, Cook told analysts on a conference call after the company’s earnings report Tuesday. He added that developers are working on new apps called ‘Glances’ — apparently in reference to the way people will view those apps on their wrists,” Bailey reports. “Cook boasted he’s already wearing and enjoying an early model. ‘I’m using it every day and love it and can’t live without it,’ he said.”

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  1. Apple should issue Apple Watches to all their store employees so they can accept Apple Pay with their watches!

    It would be nice to be able to transfer money between friends with our watches/phones with a very simple interface.

  2. > But after selling a record 74.5 million iPhones in three months…

    Even if only one-in-ten (10%) of those iPhone customers decide to buy an Apple Watch, that’s about seven-and-a-half million Apple Watches right there. And there will be another (current) full quarter of iPhone sales before Apple Watch is released, and all the quarters going forward. PLUS, all of the compatible iPhones sold during the previous two YEARS, all the way back to iPhone 5.

    Now, what are the chances that only 10% of potential customer will buy an Apple Watch…?

  3. I’m sure the apple watch will be a success for Apple. My take on it is pretty much the same as when the iPhone came out in 2007. Like the iPod , the first iteration was extremely simple focused on being “1000’s of songs in your pocket”.

    The evolution of the iPod classic to the iPod Touch which is now basically an iPhone without the phone as such.

    Bondi blue iMac to the iMac 5K and so on. Some products devolve (Mac mini) as the more expensive models simply didn’t sell enough to justify continuing making them. (Guessing here)

    Anyway, my point here is that the Apple Watch will debut soon, the analysts and dickhead bloggers will not get it as usual and apple will shift as many as they can make.

    Meanwhile Google, Microsoft, Samsung etc will flop about making gimmicks that either don’t work at all or are so complex that most people won’t be able to make them work and not make any money out of it either.

    Apple’s products evolve in a sort of Darwinian way, a new category will begin with a focus on its primary function and away we go. Function gets added as hardware improves.

    I have no need for the a-watch as I don’t need apple pay nor need or want things that it can do but that’s just me. Lots of people are going to love this thing and it will grow just as the iPod to iPhone did.

    I skipped the iPhone 3G although I was blown away and I lusted after it but I knew that the next iteration would be the one to get.

    So when the iPhone 4 came out I plonked the cash down and said “gimme that one” ip4 32G.

    I’m now on a iPhone 6+ 128G and I love it. My old ip5 went to my daughter and I guess I’ll skip the “s” models next year as usual and look out for the inevitable iPhone 7.

    1. Dave, if you can afford a Rolex, you can afford to buy an Apple watch to try it for a month. I challenge you to do this. Give it one month. If you don’t like it you can resell it for most of what you paid for it. I suspect you may fall in love with it and never want to part with it.

    1. Bad business moves? The “flat OS fame” iPhone has been selling out like gangbusters in case you were un aware.

      The “homosexual showboating” is simply Tim Cook acknowledging that he lives that lifestyle like many other people, and admitting it publicly so others that are also gay do not have to be afraid to admit it. I do not see how that is a “bad business move” perhaps you could enlighten me?

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