Apple’s iOS ecosystem is huge, and growing fast

“Last quarter Apple was selling iPhones at the rate of nine a second,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet. “That works out to 818,329 iPhones a day, or over 74 million for the quarter as a whole. While this represents stellar sales, it is only the tip of the iOS ecosystem iceberg. So, just how big is the iOS ecosystem?”

“Since its release in 2007, Apple has sold some 665 million iPhones, and around 260 million iPads, both of which are impressive numbers until you consider the fact that CEO Tim Cook confirmed during the company’s Q1 2015 quarterly earnings call that the iOS ecosystem had crossed the 1 billion mark back on November 22, 2014 (the remains of the billion being made up by iPod touch sales),” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “When you consider that 72 percent of all iPhones (approximately 482 million) and 78 percent of all iPads (some 203 million) have been sold in the last three years, then it’s fair to assume that many of these are still in circulation.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “Given the current trajectory, the iOS ecosystem is growing at a rate of hundreds of millions of devices a quarter, and it’s showing no overall signs of slowing.”

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      This message has been brought to you by the iOS ecosystem emergency message system, had this been a real emergency, this message would have been followed up by information on where to go to avoid the Android zombie apocalypse….

  1. Personal communications is following the lead of the auto industry over the last century toward integrated products, but at a much faster rate.

    Early on people built cars & trucks out of parts they chunked together.

    Then they bought a basic chassis with body they wanted & followed by a complete, but bare vehicle.

    Owners put on additional extras from all sorts of companies & this continued up through the 50s for items like turn signals, rear view mirrors, interior heaters, air conditioning, etc.

    Cook knows success consists of ‘cooking’ up the whole system people need all at once.

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