How Apple and HP defied sluggish PC sales in 2014

“According to tech research specialist IDC, worldwide PC shipments will fall around 3% this year, extending a three year streak of declines and accelerating from a 2.1% drop in 2014,” Steve Symington reports for The Motley Fool. “But not all companies in the PC space are suffering right now. In fact, IDC says each of world’s top five PC vendors actually saw year-over-year growth in shipments during the fourth quarter, driven by a combination of compelling products from low-cost ultrabooks to all-in-ones, convertibles, and touch systems. By contrast, vendors outside the top five saw PC shipments decline a whopping 20.7% over the same period.”

“Perhaps most compelling, however, is that only two of the top five vendors achieved double-digit percentage increases,” Symington reports, “including Apple at 18.9% and Hewlett-Packard at 15.1%.”

“To explain Apple’s ability to consistently outpace the broader PC market, IDC points to recent price cuts, healthy demand in mature markets, and Apple’s overall ‘steady growth’ — the last of which is a likely reference to Apple enticing millions of new consumers who were first introduced to its ecosystem through its popular mobile devices,” Symington reports. “IDC says the primary key to HP’s growth was U.S. consumers’ strong reception to its innovative personal systems product line.”

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