How AMD and Nvidia lost the mobile GPU chip business to Apple – with help from Samsung and Google

“Between 2006 and 2013, AMD & Nvidia fumbled the ball in mobile chips, losing their positions as the world’s leading GPU suppliers by failing to competitively address the vast mobile market, enabling Apple to incrementally develop what are now the most powerful mainstream Application Processor GPUs to ship in vast volumes,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“Due in large part to rapid technology advances funded by heavy investment from Apple (thanks to its profitability and economies of scale), both ARM and PowerVR have now become mobile technology leaders capable of shrugging off the competitive advances of some of the same vendors that previously had squeezed them out of the desktop PC market,” Dilger writes. “The fact that the world’s two deeply established GPU leaders — as well as Intel and Texas Instruments, the world’s two co-inventors of the microprocessor — have all been effectively pushed out of the mobile business by Apple — leaving nothing but low-end commodity part makers to compete against Apple’s high end, high volume sales of iOS device — says something remarkable.”

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  1. Great article in AppleInsider. It demonstrates why Apple’s philosophy of not selling crap is so important. By focusing on quality, high end products, Apple is leaping far ahead of the competition that is wallowing in the low end.

    1. And yet all those do called experts told them to do the opposite. Worse still they now have an inate hatred of the company for daring not only roll over and die but go on to prove what idiots those ‘experts’ truly are.

  2. Historically, there’s been a constant changing of the guard regarding GPU manufacturers. Anyone remember 3DFX? Nvidia has had a long run with a reasonable reputation. But in recent year’s they’ve put out some clunkers and fallen prey to whatever rot settles into these businesses. (I of course expect Marketing-As-Management going on, but that’s just me).

    Good on Apple for taking the opportunity to free itself from other GPU makers, at least for the iOS device market.

    Should Apple buy AMD in order to take control of Mac CPUs and GPUs? There’s a fun rumor! 😉

  3. When Intel’s Ontelli was asked by Apple’s Steve Job’s for the chips they now have in iPods etc. Ontelli said it couldn’t be done. The rest is history. In his valedictory speech Ontelli said it was the worst mistake he had made in his career, if I recall correctly. Apple gets what Apple wants—it refuses to be constrained by can’t doers.

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