The world’s first automatic calorie counter tested – and it works!

“As humans, we like to quantify the world around us, but until now we’ve lacked the tools to answer the simplest questions about how we’re powered: Are you eating enough? Are you eating too much? What’s in the food you ingest?” Jeffrey Van Camp askss for Digital Trends. “The Healbe GoBe Body Manager is the first device that can track what you put in your body without requiring you to ever glance at a nutrition label.”

“Using three sensors and a lot of complex math, the GoBe I’ve worn on my wrist for a week has told me precisely how many calories I’ve shoveled in, and how many I’ve burned,” Van Camp reports. “And I’ve checked it against box labels and other fitness gadgets. I had been prepared to jump onboard with the vocal critics calling the GoBe snake oil. I won’t: The last week has been a total life changer.”

Van Camp reports, “Not only does it work, learning how many calories I eat and how many I burn each day has me thinking about food and exercise in a completely new way.”

Read much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Buy ’em, Apple. This would be great technology for Apple Watch.


  1. Who is the writer? What are his qualifications, skills – that is, how accurate and objective are his claims about this device? ALWAYS read these things with a alrge amount of caution.

  2. The article is very interesting. The authors experience and observations lead me to conclude this device and underlying engineering just needs a trip through Apples development labs to get the kinks out, then become an integral feature of AppleWatch. Buy ’em, get them green cards and change the world.

    Unless AppleWatch already does this, then carry on.

  3. Do we know that Apple Watch won’t also have this functionality? We know it’s got tons of sensors and a lot of medical sensor experts were in on the design or had input. Do we not think they would have thought of adding this feature, and if so, that Apple couldn’t have figured out how to implement it? If it is in there, it just makes Apple Watch even that much more intriguing.

  4. If you are trying to maintain a healthy weight, calorie counting can be helpful – if you are trying to get rid of your body fat you need to understand fat metabolism not calories.
    For weight loss, calorie counting diets, while they might work initially, will eventually fail and make the situation worse.

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