Apple’s Time Machine, Cover Flow, and Safari for iOS targeted in new patent infringement lawsuit

“Patent holding company TriDim Innovations this week filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, accusing the companying of violating two 3D workspace patents the company owns,” Kelly Hodgkins reports for MacRumors. “The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California with a judge assignment still pending. ”

“TriDim asserts in the suit that Apple is infringing on U.S. patents 5,838,326 and 5,847,709, both of which address document management in 3D workspaces,” Hodgkins reports. “Specifically, Apple Time Machine, Cover Flow, and Safari for iOS 7 and 8 are claimed to be infringing on the patents.”

“TriDim’s lawsuit is not the first time Apple has been accused of patent infringement for its Time Machine and Cover Flow interfaces. In 2010, Apple was initially hit with a $625 million judgment in a case centered on a different set of patents owned by Mirror Worlds LLC,” Hodgkins reports. “That verdict was ultimately overturned, however, and became final when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Who wants to bet that Lucy Koh gets the assignment?

Now, these things move fast, so don’t blink (dripping sarcasm). For evidence, just look at the related articles below.

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    1. It doesn’t matter. These guys are crazy. So much of their “patent” is prior art from Apple’s own inventions it is absurd. A lot looks exactly like Apple’s HyperCard from the 1980s. . . and seems to work just exactly like it as well. I also recall other “room” and “desk” metaphor User interfaces for the Amiga, Commodore GEOS, ATARI, Microsoft Bob, even the Mac, etc. There is nothing unique or patentable in their 1998 patent that wasn’t already done long before they applied for their patent.

  1. There is no 3-D in any of those applications that I’m aware of anyways. Just another patent troll trying to make easy money. However they won’t win this because there is no 3-D in any of these applications. LOSERS!

  2. Patent holding company… blahblahblah.

    IOW this is just another patent troll parasite. Great. They make nothing. They don’t use the patents they own. They just litigate. They just suck on other people’s creativity and money.

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