Struggling Samsung to copy Apple’s Touch ID with new static fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S6

“Samsung’s next flagship smartphone will ship with a Touch ID-like fingerprint sensor in place of the swipe-style sensor that the company employed on the underwhelming Galaxy S5,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

In practice, the new fingerprint system is said to work much like Apple’s Touch ID, reading the user’s fingerprint without requiring them to swipe,” Oliver reports. “Samsung will enlarge the home button on its so-called “Galaxy S6” in order to accommodate the larger touch-style sensor, notes usually reliable blog SamMobile.

Apple's Touch ID
Apple’s Touch ID
“It is unclear who Samsung will tap to supply the touch-style sensor. Apple acquired biometric authentication firm AuthenTec — which invented the technology that underpins Touch ID — for $356 million in 2012, then shut down all outside sales,” Oliver reports. “Samsung could turn to Swedish company Fingerprint Cards, which fabricates a similar sensor found in Huawei’s Ascend Mate 7.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, what a surprise.

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    1. Hey, with Android being the target of 95% of mobile exploits, you know it is going to happen.

      Of course, when Android lets telcos insert their own apps that can’t be removed, you know the guts of how to do this are well known.

      That lets bad guys simply use this technique to load in invisible apps that log whatever they want.

      Poor Android suckers. Wonder what % of Google employees and managers use iPhone off hours?

    1. That is the sensor would be done by Samsung itself. However, this sensor is Swedish, and it works well in Huawei Ascend 7.

      But in both Huawei and Samsung cases there is no privacy protection of the fingerprints. There is no secure enclave there to store the hashes, so you only depend on whether your version of Android is lousy enough to get your data stolen or not.

      So I am not sure how well protected your financial transactions and other electronic signature actions can be in those cases.

  1. Yes. Thank you Judge Judy Koh. You could have stopped all this. And set some really important legal precedent that protected valuable intellectual property and supported American companies. Instead, you punted.

    Wishing you all the karma you so richly deserve!

  2. Instead of copying Apple, Samsung should be spending their resources on perfecting their graphene mass production methods. Harvesting hydrogen from the air using graphene will be efficient enough in probably 2-3 years. This means machines/devices won’t need to be charged, connected to the grid, etc. They will be powered with hydrogen-based fuel cells.

  3. Instead of wasting all that money on reinventing the wheel (aka reinventing Touché ID) and on court cases for patent infringement why doesn’t Samsung just licence it from Apple?

  4. Samsung is losing ground.. Everything they put out … Flops.. They are closing their stores one by one.. Most of them not reported in the media.. They stop making / selling laptops in Europe. And Their own business finance treasury Dept . Forecast a negative 2015… So if you bought a note 4 now… You would be left on your own in the next few months…. Good luck.

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