OS X 10.10.2: Second Yosemite update release imminent?

“It has only been a week since the previous Yosemite update developer seed and, past as prologue, that has sometimes meant public release is imminent,” FairerPlatform reports. “Regardless, OS X 10.10.2 14C99d is available to register developers, though AppleSeed testers have been left out at least for the time being.”

“Apple’s seed note and Software Update note provide little information other than the updated build number, 14C99d (was 14C94b), and Apple’s request that devs should focus their testing on Mail, WiFi, Bluetooth and VoiceOver,” FairerPlatform reports. “Various source indicate that OS X 10.10.2 developer seeds to date resolve WiFi and DNS issues for many if not most, but not all affected users.”

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    1. It amazing how you can toss a new date, re-order the paragraphs and wha-la… new article on something that’s been discussed before. I suspect Mr Huge doesn’t understand word one of what that article discussed.. If it were that serious, there would be problems all over the place, however all my Mac’s work just fine…

      1. It’s amazing how you can toss out a horribly incorrect phonetic spelling of a foreign word, and VOILA, you make yourself look like a poorly educated critic, attacking someone without any understanding of their specific issues.

        Articles are updated all the time based on new information or just editors jumping in and having their way. Deal with it.

        As the polls show, Yosemite needs massive improvements, on DNS and many other things. It’s by far the ugliest and buggiest OS X in recent history, which isn’t saying much. It has been a fast decline in quality since Snow Leopard.

  1. I hate to say it but Yosemite is definitely one of the wonkier releases for Apple.

    I almost hope they do a “Snow Yosemite” next year with “no new features.” (That’s how Apple introduced Snow Leopard.)

    1. I agree, I’m starting to think most people who come to these Mac sites are simple minded. Are you basing this ‘wonkier’ opinion off your own problems or what you’re reading across the internet?

      What makes you think that Snow Leopard was a bug free release with no issues? Snow Leopard had many changes and API updates, just no new user-oriented features. And it also had many, many problems.

      Good god. Instead of believing everything you’re reading, try doing a simple search… for every problem you hear about Yosemite, replace Yosemite with Snow Leopard.

  2. Since I use my Mac for work, I usually wait for the 10.X.2 update to upgrade. Hopefully, the major issues will be fixed by 10.10.2. I’m looking forwarding to getting the new features!

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