Slick, useful apps put the wow in Apple Watch

“I’ve seen some of the applications that will launch for the Apple Watch when it makes its debut as early as March, albeit in simulation, and some are extraordinary,” Christopher Mims reports for The Wall Street Journal‎. “Along with the details Apple has already released about how the watch will work, it’s convinced me Apple Watch will be a launching pad for the next wave of billion-dollar consumer-tech startups.”

“Apple has already revealed the sleek, customizable watch itself, and this being Apple, it’s safe to assume the company is going to release hardware that’s best in class,” Mims reports. “Much more important to the success or failure of the watch, however, are the apps. And Apple already has the world’s deepest bench of happy, well-paid mobile-app developers, who collectively generated $10 billion in revenue at the App Store in 2014.”

“So it should be no surprise that hundreds of companies, including giants like Facebook and Twitter, are racing to have watch apps ready from the first day of launch,” Mims reports. “While many have highlighted Apple Watch’s payments software and health-monitoring capabilities, its ability to connect us to what our phones already know about where we are and what we’re doing—augmenting our reality with a new layer of data—makes me think it could bring about profound behavioral change in its users.”

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MacDailyNews Take: These pre-Apple Watch days are like those between Steve Jobs’ unveiling of the Apple iPhone on January 9, 2007 and its release June 29, 2007. Some get it; many do not. Get ready, the paradigm is about to shift again!

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    1. You delivered the punchline without setting up the joke.

      For those who didn’t get it, take a look at the latest “Joy of Tech” cartoon (link on the left here). The punchline above works much better in the context of the complete joke…

    2. Last I saw them Newton was pondering the significance of the apple under a tree, while Rubik still hasn’t solved his Cube … and Pippin is having a beer with Merry and Sam at the Green Dragon Pub in Hobbiton.

    3. The Newton was the precursor to the PDA and smartphone, thus leading to the iPhone.

      The Cube’s design descendant is the Mac mini – compact and very quiet. However, the Cube was positioned as a premium, niche device whereas the Mac mini is a more practical budget Mac that provides strong value.

      Pipped was intended to be a Mac OS game console. The current day OS X replaced the classic Mac OS, and iOS evolved from OS X. The modern iOS devices – iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, and iPhone – are major players in the gaming market and embody the gaming objectives that Apple once envisioned for Pippen.

      For pushing the technology envelope so much, Apple actually has an amazing amount of success. Even its so-called failures often turn up in a reimagined and more effective form down the road.

  1. Just as a matter of interest, what watch would Steve wear were he still around? He was never ostentatious so I’d rule out the Edition and he also didn’t seem much of the sporty type. My money would be on him wearing the standard ‘Watch’ version. Thoughts anyone?

    1. SJ was not ostentatious, but he did like style so I think he would go for the Edition version.
      On the other hand he may have had a special one made for him out of platinum.

    2. Not ostentatious? Have you seen the yacht and mansion he was building before he died? How about his 100 million dollar jet plane. How about a new Mercedes SL convertible every 6 months? What do you call ostentatious? Must be really something.

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