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“Many people are overthinking Apple Watch. For Apple, the hardest part won’t be telling people why they should use the device, but rather getting people to use the device,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon.

“One of Apple’s secret weapons for selling Apple Watch will be its retail stores and the ability to see and touch the device. Trying to appeal to a potential customer’s wants and desires begins by positioning the product so that they simply want to use it. While Apple certainly will rely on a more complicated marketing message that positions certain use cases over others, I don’t think that message will be the thing that sells Apple Watch,” Cybart writes. “Apple’s goal is merely to get a potential customer to want to use the device. Only after the Apple Watch purchase does a revolutionary user interface and a few well thought-out features, shown through marketing, help nurture a user’s relationship with Apple Watch.”

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  1. I listen to most of the best Apple-related podcasts on the air for several years now, and just “discovered” Mr Cybart’s new podcast weekly series. Both his podcasts and writings are very original, informative, thoughtful, and highly recommended.

  2. Hmmm. I remember when Apple launched SIRI and the pundits said it was a “cool feature that no one will use”. I now use SIRI every day to schedule appointments, reminders, get the weather, email and call people from my contacts, get results from web queries, etc., etc. Microsoft and Google thought SIRI was so useless that they promptly created their own voice driven assistants. Come to think about it the same attitude has greeted the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. Apple watch is today’s “cool _____ that no one will use”

  3. Even Neil Cybart is “overthinking” a bit… 🙂

    Soon after release, Apple Watch will be considered an integral enhancement of the iPhone customer experience (like faster 4G wireless, better camera, Retina Display, significantly larger screens, etc.), NOT a separate Apple product that sometimes interacts with iPhone.

    Some people talk about “Apple Watch apps” like they are a completely different type of app. Only a small percentage of apps will be exclusively for use with an Apple Watch. MOST apps (including the popular ones) will be updated to take advantage of the Apple Watch “iPhone enhancement,” just as developers quickly updated their apps for previous enhancements like the Retina Display.

    Once iPhone customers begin to see clever and desirable “Apple Watch features” in their favorite apps that are disabled for them, they will want an Apple Watch. They won’t even need to try it, because iPhone customers LOVE upgrades. And they don’t even need to get a new iPhone for this upgrade (unless its older than an iPhone 5).

    Even if only 10% of existing iPhone customers feel this way during Apple Watch’s first year, it will be a HUGE success. I think Apple will do FAR better than 1 out of 10 potential customers. Ultimately, Apple Watch will become a “necessary option” for most iPhone customers.

  4. the Apple watch + bluetooth earbuds = irresistable

    it is like getting an iPod in my phone all over again, but this time, it’s in my watch.

    It is not that complicated.

  5. I’ll get one the day Apple fixes the bugs in the Health app. I want/need to be able to track things like blood pressure etc. which I enter manually. Currently they get erased daily from my iPad or iPhone.

    1. Yup definitely a version 1.0 software.
      The update of activity is very buggy. Sometimes it is quick. Other times you need to wait for a minute for it to work.
      Finally NikeFuel app synchs with Health app – must have needed the Fuel app to be updated.

    2. Have you gone to an Apple Store and asked about this? I’ve been entering my cycling miles for a few months and haven’t list anything. If this was a common problem we would hear more about it. If it is rare it might be fixable.

  6. Oh please it is still Christmas:

    “Many people are overthinking Apple Watch.” Jouranalysts and analysts of course are the exception but that doesn’t stop them from spewing for…hopefully just from the mouth.

    “For Apple, the hardest part won’t be telling people why they should use the device, but rather getting people to use the device. There is a subtle difference.”: Yes that’s why Apple has such huge technical manuals for their devices (yes it’s sarcasm).

    “One of Apple’s secret weapons” It’s an American jouranalyst, they have to have weapons, they have to have wars, it’s been part of their tradition for 80% of their history.

    “I don’t think that message will be the thing that sells Apple Watch.” Should have stopped at “I don’t think” Neil cause I believe that far.

    Why people will buy an Apple Watch:

    “Over the past few months, I’ve learned to change the way I explain Apple Watch to friends and family.” Oh I was hopeful at this point that he might have followed up with something like “I’ve learned to shut up, stop speculating and watch how talented professionals do it.”

    “That is how Apple will sell Apple Watch.” No moron the last thing Apple is going to do is listen to advice coming from a buffoon like you.

    “Many people trust Apple.” And not many people around here trust analysts and jouranalyst. You just provided another reason for us not to.

    1. His points were so subtle I couldn’t make head or tail of them, I doubt most potential buyers will either. Fact is Apples biggest advantage is that so many people do want to try their products so the important thing will be the experience upon doing so at which point the usual snowball down the mountain starts as people relate the advantages through demonstration and word of mouth to others.

  7. Easy Sell

    Apple Watch will be both “cool and useful” …..

    And Apple has it figured ….. With so many different options, people will be showing off their personal selection and then we will have the “Jones Factor” – Gotta keep up with them ….

    Oh yea, it will sell more than we think ….

    What more do you want?

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