iPhone 6c release date rumors and images: ‘Apple not making another 4-inch iPhone’

“Those of us who want Apple to refresh its 4-inch iPhone range were disappointed to hear new predictions,” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK.

“A Chinese-language website called feng.com cites sources within Apple’s supply chain who say that no such device exists at present; and that Apple has not made ‘any new production tasks’ related to a 4-inch device,” Haslam reports. “It is certainly possible that Apple will continue to offer a lower-cost iPhone as it did with the iPhone 5c. The significant thing about the iPhone 5c when it launched in 2013 was that although those in the know recognised it as a repackaged iPhone 5, to anyone else it looked like a whole new iPhone and that was a great reason to buy one.”

“Apple may decide that it is preferable to repackage the iPhone 5s as the iPhone 6c in 2015 to encourage sales,” Haslam reports. “It’s easy to imagine the changes Apple may decide to make to the iPhone 5c should it decide to continue the product line.”

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  1. The 5s will not become the 6c. It will be:

    6/6 plus > 6c/6c plus (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep the plus only as a current-gen model)

    6s/6s plus replaces the 6/6 plus (obviously)

    5s sticks around as the “free” model.

  2. It’s time for Apple to clean house. The smallest iOS device should be 4.7 inches. Anything smaller than that, whether it be the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod touch–get rid of it all. The product line is becoming a mess.

  3. I don’t see Apple dropping the 5s/5c size factor, but one of those models will disappear. It would not surprise me at all to have an all new lineup of 7c/7/7+ in September. I know too many people who still love the 4″ size, even after trying a 6 (and plenty of people who hate the 6+ size).

  4. Right now, I don’t believe any of the rumors. Last year, it was all about the iPhone 6 having a sapphire display among other rumors. I like being surprised, so I hope nothing leaks about the next iPhone or next MacBook Pro, etc. It’s hard to be blown away by a new Apple product when someone has leaked everything before it’s even announced.

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