Apple Pay adds support for 8 new card issuers, banks

“Apple’s list of supported banks and card issuers for Apple Pay is growing again today with the addition of 8 new banks and credit unions, according to sources with knowledge of the matter,: Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

The full list of newly supported card issuers includes:
• Security Service Federal Credit Union
• Consumers Credit Union
• Virginia Credit Union
• Cyprus Federal Credit Union
• Fairwinds Credit Union
• Mountain America Credit Union
• Partners Federal Credit Union
• Customers Bank

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  1. How about launching in Canada, please? PayPal is ubiquitous globally. Apple Pay will never compete on that scale if they aren’t able to broker deals and make the service available internationally.

      1. The cards that work already work globally. The issue is inking the fees and agreeing that payment by ApplePay should have lower transaction fees as well as the necessary infrastructure for proper support.

        It is a shame Apple is not putting more effort to speed the deployment to top Apple countries such as Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, France, Germany at a minimum.

        1. I do know that Australia’s launch is being hampered by MC or Visa (can’t remember which one) rolling out the tokenisation technology.

          Having said that, PayWave and PayPass are almost ubiquitous here.

      2. US Banks have nothing to do with this. It is the banks of each country that must join. Strangely, American branches of Canadian banks have almost all become Apple Pay supporters. It should be trivial to bring the agreement to their home Canadian branches.

    1. Products and services have to be evaluated carefully when introduced into the free and civilized world regardless of the hype.

      For example, recently at MDN there was a headline “Obama: U.S. will easily defeat Putin’s Russia because of smarter leadership and Apple iPads.” The article emphatically stated: “They rely on oil. We rely on oil and iPads and movies and you name it,” the president stressed.”

      Normally one would take without question but you have to trust fifth rate corrupt nations from the non-civilized world to lie along with torture and random invasions, crimes against humanity, you get the idea.

      The proof of course is in the pudding the Russians and Americans met recently on the war field of hockey and the Americans got the results that anyone ethics, integrity and morality deserve. Hopefully this will make them stop, reflect upon their actions and do the right things that it takes to return to the fold of civilized nations.

      Apple Pay no doubt is right on the ball and will deliver as promised once introduced to the free and civilized world but we all know one good Apple doesn’t save a rotten barrel.

  2. There was a single tweet about Discover card getting it eventually, but since then, no news. While nowhere near as big as Visa or Mastercard, Discover is rather common in America, so it would be nice to see it happen.

  3. I have a Target VISA card issued by TD Bank USA.
    I have a Sam’s Club MasterCard issued by Synchrony Bank.

    Both banks are on the approved list of Pay, and both of those cards issued directly by the banks currently work fine with Pay.

    But both Target and Sam’s Club, so far, have refused to approve their store-sponsored VISA and MasterCard for Pay.

    I’m becoming a more disgruntled Target and Sam’s customer by the day. Anyone have a different story?

    1. It’s stores like these, and Rite Aid, and Walmart, and CVS, and Subway’s bad terminals, that may be why Apple is taking their time with international setups.

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