Apple to report Q115 earnings on January 27th

Apple will report Q115 (holiday quarter) earnings just after market close on Tuesday, January 27, 2015.

As usual, MacDailyNews plans to cover the release as soon as the information is released, right around 4:30pm on January 27th.

Apple’s conference call to discuss the company’s first fiscal quarter results is scheduled for Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 2pm PST / 5pm EST.

On that day, the live streaming audio webcast of the conference call can be found here.

We will cover the conference call with live notes. The link will become active on our home page around 4:45pm on January 27th.


  1. Look for Apple to blow away earnings and the average selling price in the iPhone to move up and gross margins to blow away the Street …..

    I suspect there will be an order imbalance to the buy side and Apple will open up some 20-25 points off previous close which maybe in the mid $90 range ……

    New highs and revised numbers will quickly follow!

    1. Oh, for sure, Ansel! AAPL will run all the way from $95 to $112—just 6% below its 52 week high! And besides, who doesn’t like a 12% share price increase over a 28 month period?

  2. There is no “FACTUAL” reason for AAPL’s recent dip… Apple haters in full force spreading FUD, along with WallStreet Sluts, prostituting themselves for corrupt overseas & domestic corporations. TOTAL HORSE SHIT.

    Raman’s findings mesh well with a report published by analytics firm Flurry at the end of December. By tracking total device activations from Dec. 19-25, Flurry concluded that Apple products accounted for more than 51 percent of all new device activations the week up to and including Christmas day.

    According to Flurry’s report, “…it is safe to say that Apple’s newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have had a blockbuster holiday season…”


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