Should you be investing in Apple? A layman’s guide

“As the calendar turns over, here is a New Year’s gift: a layman’s guide to understanding Apple (AAPL),” Brian Sozzi writes for Real Money. “To assess your favorite company and stock, it’s best to pretend you are being interviewed on TV.”

Here is a personal self-interview:

Crazy iPhone unit estimates for the holiday season are starting to appear. Buy the stock?

If you weren’t an Apple bull on Wall Street this year, then you likely underperformed the market unless you secured a home run elsewhere. You will be forced to become an Apple bull in January 2015. The fact is this: Apple continues to bring to market products that fundamentally transform a person’s life. To me, every product from Apple offers new services and reasons to purchase the pricey hardware; those are things that fundamentally change the way people live each day. And that innovative whirlwind doesn’t look set to abate by any means in 2015.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s hardware is only “pricey” in relation to the crappiest junk on the market. Apple’s integrated solutions offer unmatched value.


  1. Apple’s fundamentals are great and the surge in Mac sales plus the sounding success of the iPhone 6 ensures they have done well in the last quarter.
    At $110 the stock is definitely underpriced. If the brokers decide to pump up the stock then it could go up to $130.
    So you are looking at a 10-20% gain which would be a worthwhile investment.
    Long term investment is better but you will need to hold on to the stock for the inevitable down turn that happens too frequently with aapl for no good reason.

    1. Is it still underpriced at $108 or lower where it is headed today? Everybody is touting lawsuit over memory suit. There are too many bad news stories about Apple in papers, on TV eye. There is clearly a campaign to destroy Apple out there.

      1. There are always vultures circling the largest prey, hoping to get a bite if someone can take it down for them. Apple has deep pockets and has been targeted with lawsuits for years. In the grand scheme of things, this is not one of the stronger legal attacks.

        In truth, there may be fewer critical stories about Aple in the press than has been typical over the past five years or so. My guess about the future and Apple’s future is no better than any other, but I see no reason to be so pessimistic at this time. At least in the short term, there are plenty of positive factors favoring Apple.

  2. What fun.

    “If you weren’t an Apple bull on Wall Street this year, then you likely underperformed the market” = if you listened to most of the analysts and fund managers you got laid man.

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