5 New Year resolutions for Apple CEO Tim Cook

“The head of the world’s most valuable company said in a tweet that he spent New Year’s Day with his family drafting a list of 2015 resolutions,” Jennifer Booton writes for MarketWatch. “Not surprisingly, Twitter users jumped on Tim Cook’s tweet to offer their own views on what those resolutions should be.”

“Cook’s five resolutions might be: to top the 40% share-price gain the Cupertino-based company benefited from in 2014; join the Dow Jones Industrial Average; ensure the company’s supply chain is robust enough to handle record iPhone demand; push Apple Pay further into the mainstream; and drum up demand for the Apple Watch,” Booton writes. “But here are five other resolutions suggested by the Twitterverse that the Apple CEO might want to consider.”

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  1. Totally agree on the lightning cable. I have 3 at home and all 3 are peeling off. I have one in the car made by a different manufacturer and it is still not showing any sign of wearing off. Plus white is nice but gets dirty in no time.

    1. My 2010 MagSafe adapter to charge the laptop has a flimsy coating as well. I keep the MagSafe adapter plugged into the laptop and have the computer set off the side of my recliner that I pick-up multiple times to check info online or whatever when watching TV and stuff and the cable cover is ripped in two places. Where it curves in to where it is plugged in the laptop and the other about six inches further up. I took to the Apple store and the “genius” said it looked like the cable was worn from friction. Well the cable glances on the wooden armrest of my recliner but with no pulling or tugging of any kind… Resistance my butt. He said a new one cost $80.00 bucks and I said not if it has the same flimsy coating that this one has.

      New Years resolution for Apple, buy out an extension cord company to beef up the coating of your electrical cables, adapters and such!

  2. “As an analist I pledge to:
    1. Read on the subject and do research before I write”
    2. Will not write stuff the equivalent of grass is green
    3. Not change my opinion 180 degrees without telling I was wrong
    4. Not blatantly copy some other half baked analist without verification
    5. Not take payment for anything I know is not good enough, for I still have ate tinies bit of self respect left”

  3. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you. With that thought in mind here is my list:

    1. Fix iWorks (Read the latest reviews in the App Store)

    2. Fix Yosemite (again read the latest reviews in the App Store)

    3. Hire more developers and testers to fix issues before the software is released.

    4. Bring Apple TV to up to feature parity with Amazon’s Fire TV – Apps & Games.

    5. Quit soldering ram to the motherboard where it is not needed. Even better yet bring SSD and ram prices down to levels comparable with Amazon.

    Note: I have sampled the most recent 100 reviews of Yosemite three times since its release. The most recent was last week.

    1st Survey – 70% negative
    2nd Survey – 70% negative
    3rd Survey – 60% negative

    1. Comments from my latest 100 App Store Yosemite reviews:

      “It will make you hate your mac”

      “This is like vandalism to your computer”

      “Gone from working wonderfully to being sluggish and most annoying of all several apps freeze.”

      “Constantly freezes, have to use force quit multiple times before it works.

      “Those issues are why I spent the money to move to Mac and to get away from Windows machines.”

      “You took a great product and wrecked it. Don’t follow Microsoft, they took Windows 7 and wrecked it with Metro, the flat look. Why does Apple have to follow?”

      “Yosemite is some sort of imitation Microsoft like minimalist thing. Pretty ugly in my opinion”

      “Not something I would recommend to anyone:

      “I have three words, just say no”

      1. Still lov’n Mavericks on a 2012 Mac Mini with a Quad Core processor and 16 GB of user replaceable memory.

        Sold my 2011 Mac Mini with Quad Core and 16 GB of user replaceable memory for a new 2012 model after the 2014 models were announced. If you can’t go with the latest Mac Mini, go for the greatest!

    2. The software anomalies and incompatibilities have certainly increased the last couple years.

      No excuses, Apple.

      You have the resources, time and money — FIX THE PROBLEMS!

  4. So people that hate things are the most vocal. What a shock. If one believed the noise/hate around iOS 7 Apple would never have sold another iPhone. And yet this quarter Apple will sell more iPhones than they ever have before.

  5. I’ve been using Apple computers since the 1980s. I’ve seen all the good and the bad alike.
    I’ve also used OS X since its inception. From what I have experienced and seen first hand, Yosemite is the
    worst release of OS X so far.

    Yosemite wilfully violates user privacy by phoning home to apple constantly. When
    you boot your machine, the very first thing it does is connect to iTunes regardless of iCloud
    being enabled or not on the machine. This happens even on machines that don’t use iTunes at all.
    When open About This Mac, it again phones home to Apple. Spotlight Suggestions sends even your local
    search terms to Apple, Microsoft and Google! Safari also does the same. There are many other examples
    of this change in Apple’s behavior with the OS. Try running a firewall such as Little Snitch. You will
    be shocked with what you will see.

    Also, the amount of easily reproducible bugs in Yosemite is staggering. Apple Mail is still an abomination
    (especially how Apple Mail does not delete SMTP server entries once a mail account is deleted leaving
    the machine to endlessly attempt to login to a server for which it is no longer authorised), Finder is
    unreliable and much slower, random loss of wifi connectivity, random shifts to other WiFi networks
    even with the password required to switch option enabled, etc etc etc.

    Now I am sure some cult members will attack this post but as a long time Apple supporter
    and user, I am VERY disappointed with Apple’s software quality recently and no amount of religion
    can erase the rampant bugs and loss of respect for privacy.

    WTF Apple.

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