2015 Predictions for Apple

“Here are our 2015 Predictions for Apple in 2015,” E. Werner Reschke writes for TGAAP.

1. Major revisions of both OS X and iOS continue to blur the lines between OS X and iOS.
2. Apple releases a lightweight laptop that uses a desktop version of iOS.
3. Apple TV finally grows up; does something significant in direct network programming and/or gaming.
4. Apple Watch becomes a huge hit, catapulting profits to record levels.
5. AAPL reaches $160/share by the end of the year

Rationale for each prediction in the full article here.


    1. It’s fine, as long as “desktop version” means it looks and feels like a Mac. That is, no touch screen. If Apple has a good reason to create Macs that run on an “A-chip,” Apple will do it. And it will still be a Mac… 68K (Motorola-based) Macs did not become something else with PowerPC, and they continued to be Macs when Apple switched to Intel. It’s the interface (user experience) that matters, not flavor of tech inside.

      Apple TV runs a “simple remote control interface” version of iOS. iPads run a tablet-sized version of iOS. Etc…

        1. Agreed. Those predictions that Apple will drop Mac OS X and switch Macs to iOS are absurd – but OS X on an ARM-based Mac would be a good product.

          Alas, Apple will still have to keep building Intel-based Macs for the foreseeable future too, despite the architecture that Steve Jobs accurately described as “brain-damaged”.

          1. Apple will never drop OS X and switch to iOS.
            What actually will occur – iOS will strengthen to a pro level, something in-between OS X and iOS. Still remaining extremely simple (less complex compared to OS X yet not as ultra-simplified as iOS)… why do this though?

            Why create a mid range OS.
            To empower those on the go.
            iPad and iPhone were laughed at – have no content creation software. Once the software came, people want more out of it. So software can not advance unless the operating system offers flexible power to the user.

    1. “Space ship” is old thinking.

      The ring is a mini electromagnetic super collider providing a fission reactor for the interstellar wormhole that opens in the central courtyard.

  1. I’d be willing to bet that if analysts were to make predictions about 2014 they’d get most of it wrong.

    I’ll toss in a prediction for 2015 though the device may come out later.
    Another wearable from Apple, a ring, necklace, shoe shirt, hat, something.

      1. That’s a good one. Personally I’d love to see a dryer that can fold clothes.

        I think 3D printing will also play a big role in the fashion/clothes industry. Apple might get involved. Here’s hoping.

  2. (1) is not going to happen, because Apple staggers the years for “major” revisions of their key platforms. iOS 7 was 2013 (and fairly major), iOS 8 was more incremental Yosemite was 2014 (and fairly major), the next new-name version will likely be incremental.

    I think 2015 does NOT have a “major” revision for either iOS or OS X. iOS 9 will be more “refinement,” and also the next “California landmark” version of OS X. Instead, I think Apple puts the focus on Apple Watch, and does something unexpected that is MAJOR.

  3. IPad Pro with larger Retina screen & multi processors Intel + Arm. Run OSX Intel with wireless Apple keyboard as laptop No Touch OR reboot via BootCamp to run iOS ARM as a super Multi- Touch tablet on the road. ALA MacPad WOZ but a hybrid. KILLS MS

  4. there will be an app called ‘washingtonDC’.

    no more behind closed doors. no more double talk. no way to lie to the citizens. no way to pinocchio your way to office or for one party to nationalize and disrupt anything as impactful as our health care system, only to improve with ideas streaming in from the public through the app. no way to spend taxpayer money on absurd programs just to bring money ‘to my district’.

    a cap on spending, borrowing and printing money. harsh punishments exacted through the app for deliberate acts of political dishonesty. term limits and retirement of career politicians exacted through the app. transparency of money trails, retirement packages. create smaller, leaner federal government through taxpayer participation through the app. secure the border. no more penalizing immigrants walking the process by giving preference to lawbreakers from other countries. a retirement of the term ‘undocumented’

    a local version of the app to deal with teacher unions and silly councils. just the beginning of the renewal of the idea ‘government of, by and for the people’

  5. 1] Cook and Federighi will go anther year and another product cycle without so much as a clue how to implement a stable IMAP email app, hosing their best customers since 10.9, despite public promises of a fix in 10.10

  6. Definitely no on #1!

    The iOS stuff that they seem obsessed with putting into OSX, change for the sake of change, the sign of an immature mind, has no benefits and makes productivity harder to achieve. Minimalism of control tools etc. Touch has no place in any creative work, there is no possible way to operate a complex piece of 3rd party content creation software. Without 3d party non-Apple apps, like Photoshop, etc and Freeway for web development, the list goes on into the hundreds of specialized apps, believe me.

    Touch and the use of vaguely defined icons are fine for the illiterate, but they dont create any content or in any complex program. And….remember without OSX, there will be no apps created for iOS. Try to create an iOS app using only touch controls?

    Are you out of your mind????

    1. good point
      and to back it up just look how well Metro has been doing regarding that topic… not really more than a gimmick

      Though Microsoft stepped over Apple (possibly beating them to the market) by combining Windows XP with Surface touch UI (many of those who actually use Metro do not touch the their Laptops to create – the novelty seemed to wear off) However, some do use touch to navigate or scroll through photos etc.

      Yet all in all – again Apple may have already though all this out hence possibly why they let Microsoft fail at it first. By never bring touch to the Desktop of OSX. And having two distinctly different OSes makes for better products.

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