Apple’s construction on ‘spaceship’ campus races ahead around holidays

“The spaceship isn’t ready for liftoff just yet, but Apple’s futuristic headquarters is starting to take shape,” Julia Love and Pete Carey report for The Mercury News.

“The construction has not let up during the holiday season, with crews on site Christmas Eve. And Apple seems to be on track to finish the project in late 2016, as planned, said Justin Reginato, a professor of construction management at Cal State Sacramento, judging by a recent video posted by a technology blog,” Love and Carey report. “‘They’re making great headway out there,’ he said.”

“The video, posted this week by AppleInsider, shows that a three-story parking structure is sprouting up and a theater and the main office building are also taking shape,” Love and Carey report. “‘That’s how you know they’re in a big hurry, because normally you would stage each of those separately,’ said Reginato.”

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  1. I wonder if any time lapse photography is being done on the “spaceship” as it is being built. Would love to see that “flyover” effect from start to finish.

  2. The cost of building in parallel or sequentially won’t be that much different. It will require more workers to be hired for the period of building but then the time taken will be shorter.
    Seems like good planning on their part. The worst example of planning I’ve seen was the 880 Freeway widening in Milpitas in CA. Years were spent widening the freeway with the lanes reducing during the period. Then after that was completed CalTrans started work on a series of bridges over the same road. So another few years were spent with a bottleneck on the road. Why the 2 could not have been done at the same time is beyond me.

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