Apple Television rumors return again — and why you should ignore them

“Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has been predicting for four years that Apple will launch its own television set,” Daniel Sparks writes for The Motley Fool. “One of his most recent failed predictions for an Apple-branded television was that the company would launch one at the end of 2013. But as Apple Watch rumors took center stage headed into 2014, Munster has since backed off his predictions for a TV in the near term. But headed into 2015, Munster is back with another timeline for Apple’s TV.”

“This time giving himself an extra year, Munster thinks Apple will launch a TV in two years,” Sparks writes. “Investors should still approach any predictions about an Apple TV with skepticism. Not only is Apple known for putting product plans on the shelf or delaying them at the last minute, but it’s also never certain that Apple will succeed as successfully in every product category as it has in those it has launched in the last decade.”

“Speculative rumors about new potential Apple products should be given zero weight in investment decisions about Apple stock,” Sparks writes. “While predictions about new Apple products may be entertaining, there are too many uncertainties surrounding such predictions for them to be useful. Four years of Munster’s annual TV predictions never coming to fruition shows where relying on such rumors could potentially lead investors.”

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  1. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is so fixated on the Apple Television that he has become a punch line in the world of tech stock analysis — and so we get articles like this one, not about APPL but about him. Have we arrived at the point where Munster’s predictions stop moving the needle? The writer seems to be making exactly that point.

    MDN has been making the same point for a while now, comparing this silliness with the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Funny, But there are problems with the analogy. In Aesop’s fable, the boy repeatedly lied about a wolf threatening the sheep. The analyst didn’t repeatedly lie, only repeatedly predicted wrongly. And in the fable, when a wolf actually turned up, the boy failed to get credit for truthfully reporting it. — Will anyone give Munster credit, should Apple actually release the fabled Television? I’m sure he’ll claim it; that’s how analysts stay in business.

    1. I for one hope that ‘ol Gene keeps going with this adorable train wreck. Why? Because he’s just so darned much fun, that’s why. I mean, it’s sooooo cute to see him get all worked up about his, his nostrils flaring, veins popping, spittle flying out of his mouths as he shouts from rooftops, banging his shoe on the table as he does.

      Think about it: why should analysts just be number crunchers when they can be self-annointed high priest-pundits, remotely running companies at which they don’t work, boldly predicting the future with impeccable accuracy. Because, as we all know, analysts are NEVER wrong. Just ask them. I dare you. C’mon, deep inside, you really want to.

      And Gene? He’s my homeboy, the God of all things Apple Television©, the all-powerful, all-knowing oracle of technology and soothsayer of the future. Often, his is a lonely quest, but all brave men of supreme vision have this trait, as they boldly tilt at windmills.

      Season’s greetings to you, Gene. Keep on keepin’ on, brutha. May you never stop predicting, and staying entertaining.

      1. Ah you have opened my eyes. Saddened by the departure from the stage of Ballmer T. Clown, I now see Gene “T.V.” Munster as the new court jester. Too bad the moniker “First 2014, then 2016” is already taken — fits Gene to a “T”, and comes ready-made with perennial updates.

  2. Set top or interface is a good idea. But no one has ever made a high end display for home theater that has lasted. Sony flat screens are made by a Samsung company. The consumer electronics industry is different than the computer smart phone market. In CE. They eat their young. Apple will not be able to joney up a tv and sell at at a premium. Sorry kids Apple is fairly good at iPhones and computers they should get that to where it needs to be before they do anything more half assed. If Steve where here…..

  3. A decent article! Why would Apple invest in hugh honking monitors when television is a dead medium? I have an Apple TV (2nd gen) and love it, although when 4th gen is released, I’ll sell it to some hacker on eBay and get the new one for free!

  4. Forget about it Apple is NOT going to make a TV. But I seen them done stupider things like letting The Interview slip though there hands. They could have given this for free instead of U2s album that half of iTunes did not want.

  5. Wy market a massive thing like a decent sized 4K UltraHD TV when a simple box HDMI interface that does all the heavy lifting will do? And be compatible with every recent TV? Prices have a ways to go on very large TVs in general. Even in HD land.

  6. TV, the tv is a bad idea, like this years mac mini. apple should build out a wireless lte network around the country. at 35 dollars per month unlimited data on 50 million phones, that’s 50,000,000 X 35 = $1,750,000,000, for a year that would be 1,750,000,000 X 12 = 21,000,000,000 dollars. now that’s a new market. i guess i should have said iOS devices, not to mention how users of other manufacture devices would flock to such a no non-sense price. have you seen t-mobile’s 2G cap plan? they will limit you to 2 gigs a month so you don’t go over, but they want to charge you 4 dollars per month to do so. man!

  7. Of course’ we’re in the midst of watching “Apple Cars” start to launch, where it is automakers buying Apple Tch on the Inside. Who’s not to say that that is the reals play happening here?


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