OS X Yosemite hidden features

“Since OS X Yosemite was released in October, I’ve been hunting around for those cheeky little Easter eggs that Apple like to sneak in,” Russell Harris writes for Amsys.

“Have you ever had a bunch of files or folders and needed to rename them quickly and all in sequence? Yosemite makes this a breeze,” Harris writes. “All you need to do is highlight all your files/folders, then control-click/right-click them and select ‘Rename items’ from the contextual menu that appears. Then just choose your choice from the drop down menu, select your criteria, click Rename and you’re all done!”

Many more features revealed in the full article here.


      1. Neil Armstrong was a civil servant when he walked on the moon.
        Oppenheimer, Fermi, etc were civil servants when they developed the Atomic Bomb.
        Elliott Ness was a civil servant when they brought down Al Capone.

        There are plenty more. Please take your slander of our civil servants elsewhere.

          1. Yeh. Right. The world is a shitty place and it is everyone else’s fault. Especially those shitty civil servants. My God. They shouldn’t expect a decent salary or a livable wage. They can live in a box and beg at the corner like decent folk.

            1. We’re not talking about a “decent salary or a livable wage.” Civil servants should be paid no more than the private sector. But they get paid much more and get more benefits for less work. And they get a pension that is so cushy, it is bankrupting state and local governments everywhere.

          2. Federal civil servants are paid according to established rates based on type (e.g., general Schedule or GS), grade and step. You can find more information at opm.gov.

            Civil servants get paid reasonably well for the first five to ten years, but generally fall behind their private sector counterparts as the reach more senior levels. At the upper levels, people are receiving relatively modest salaries for managing thousands of people and billions of dollars. That is why it can become difficult to convince someone to accept an administrative appointment – they would be leaving a job paying millions for a job paying s tenth as much.

          3. Hey Curious George,
            Hate much? Generalize much? I am a civil servant. I am a government scientist helping companies develop vaccines and therapeutics. Most of the people here are dedicated and work long 50+weeks (we don’t get paid overtime by the way). Its A-holes like you that give us a bad name. Geez…like you never see lazy overpaid jerk-offs in the private sector. And no, our pay is equivalent (or worse in the case of science) than the private sector. Sheeeesh.

        1. Civil servants do receive good benefits. First, a stable and secure job. Second, considerable annual leave – up to 26 days for senior personnel. The additional annual leave is one of the biggest benefits in public sector service. Third, the Thrift Savings Program or TSP is a 401K system that provides up to 5% matching for retirement savings. This is comparable to programs at some large U.S.employers. The TSP is one of the three legs of FERS. The second is Social Security. The third is a pension that amounts to 1% per year of service (e.g., 30 years results in 30% pension). Fewer U.S. companies are offering defined pension programs these days. Fourth, the Federal Employee Health Benefits System, or FEHBS, provides partially subsidized health care. Fifth, federal employees receive 13 days of sick leave per year and can accumulate them without limit. If you do not get sick that much, then this accumulated sick leave essentially serves as a medium term disability program.

          Several of these benefits are generous compared with the private sector, especially the annual leave and sick leave and the defined pension. But part of the reason for this is thst the private sector has been steadily decreasing benefits for decades. Rather than bashing civil servants, you might want to start asking why private sector employees are allowing big business to screw them over in order to increase profits.

    1. I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again:

      It’s hard not to feed the trolls. They’re so adorable!

      The trolls here on MDN are the cutest little things on the whole wide internet!


  1. Can I get back the glass-3D look, by doing some tricks?
    Or do I just have some flat lifeless shi,t that like like an elephant stepped on it?
    I’ll upgrade when they have an option to bring the beauty back.

  2. Like restarting the computer at random times… Or wifi issues… Or looking like total bland shit….. But don’t worry, your Compaq/IBM bread CEO is off fighting for gay rights so everything must be perfect!

    1. “your” CEO?

      You are here… uhhh… why, exactly?

      Is your lift so empty? Do you also go to rose enthusiast sites, because you don’t like growing roses? Or mountain biking sites, because you don’t like mountain biking? Very pathetic.

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