Kate Winslet eyed for female lead in ‘Steve Jobs’ biopic

“Kate Winslet is in negotiations for the female lead in Universal’s ‘Jobs,’ the biopic of the late Steve Jobs,” Justin Kroll reports for Variety.

“Michael Fassbender is set to play Jobs, while Seth Rogen is on board to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Danny Boyle will direct,” Kroll reports. “Given the pedigree of the pic, it’s no surprise Winslet was drawn to the role. She’s already garnered six Oscar nominations and one win for best actress for her performance in “The Reader.””

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Not a spring chicken but still hotter than French Fry grease. Perv-ness aside she is a heck of an actress, good for her.
    Ok, just one more bit of perv, hope she gets nekkid!

    1. I wouldn’t hold my breath about the last one; she is almost forty, so I’m sure neither Danny Boyle, nor his casting director approached Winslet because of her hot ‘nekkid’ body.

  2. My big worry with this movie is having Danny Boyle as the Director. Having recently watched Trance and Sunshine, I fear the Steve Jobs movie will end up as a disjointed mess.

      1. Well, Hollywood is no more slimy, filthy, degraded, or promiscuous than your average mid-western suburb. The only difference is that you get to read about Hollywood in every little sordid detail, while your own personal life is hidden from everyone’s scrutiny. In other words, ordinary people can effortlessly get away with any and all slime, filth and indiscretion, since there are no paparazzi following them.

  3. They should probably stop picking famous people for this movie. Of course they won’t. There are lots of talented actors out there who are perfect for movies such as this one. This movie could be good, but it is not a summer blockbuster – it’s not the Avengers.

    1. That makes no sense. The studio wants to make money on this movie; it is not some altruistic charity endeavour. And to make money on it, they need to get people to see it. And people are attracted by the actors they know.

      And let us not forget, with the exception of a few odd cases, vast majority of well-known actors are well-known because they are good actors (and thus get offered a lot of work).

      Yes, this film won’t e a summer blockbuster. Therefore, you probably won’t see Stalone, Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis in it. But Kate Winslet is an experienced actress with a very broad range (not to mention an A-list name), so as a choice, she makes complete sense.

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