Apple iPad plays ‘(Don’t Fear) the Reaper’

“Of course, the iPad doesn’t play itself, but is rather the canvass for this ‘ridiculous undertaking,’ which is how creator Steve-san Onotera describes the project,” FairrPlatform reports.

“Yep, Steve-san performs all of the instruments in Blue Oyster Cult’s seminal ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper,’ including voices, on an iPad and has edited the whole glorious mess into a single video.”

This video was a major climb over that proverbial mountain. I definitely find a lot of joy being able to finally share this ridiculous undertaking. Just let me know if there’s enough cowbell — The Samurai Guitarist (aka Steve-san Onotera).

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: The Loop]


  1. Done on a(t least) two-year old iPad (2 – 4)!

    Most tracks done in GarageBand; vocals in iVoxel; I can’t recognise the app for percussion and drums.

    Even though the guy was quite self-effacing in his YouTube description, there are plenty of Reddit morons who are dumping on him in full force (check his YouTube comment section).

    To make this, one needs time, skill, talent and perseverance (in addition to an iPad and a few dollars for some apps). To write an annoying comment on YouTube takes all of fifteen seconds. I would have respect for those comments when their authors demonstrate their own skill, talent and perseverance by doing something equally challenging (and creative) before writing a nasty comment.

    1. “To make this, one needs time, skill, talent and perseverance”
      None of which I have..

      Song is ok (original)
      this remake is pretty good, knowing it’s done on an iPad? makes it even better.

      I don’t care if it’s not that great, much better than I can do. So thumbs up for this guy.

  2. Just imagine when the larger iPad, the iPad Pro or iPad Plus, whatever it might be called, along with iOS 9 with split screen! Just think, Orchestra!

    Well done, musical maestro.

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