Apple’s Angela Ahrendts posts holiday note: ‘Let peace begin with me’

Angela Ahrendts has posted the following note on her LinkedIn blog:

I’ve always tried to focus my comments on simple leadership lessons I’ve learned that might somehow, somewhere, someday help others. I’ll admit, I’ve been struggling recently to find one that’s relevant around the holidays.

On Wednesday, I was listening to the radio on my drive home and I heard an old song that took me back to my childhood. I hadn’t heard it for a while, and wow — in that moment, it really moved me. I remembered playing it on the piano growing up. Amid all the turmoil in the world today, hearing the lyrics again really hit home.

The song is “Let There Be Peace On Earth.” There are many wonderful recordings, but the one I heard on the radio was my favorite. It’s by the brilliant B.J. Thomas.

Not sure if it’s my age, experience, empathy, exhaustion or just the reflection that comes this time of year, but that night I kept hearing the words over and over in my head:

Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now

Then it hit me. What better universal leadership lesson to share and reflect on at this time of year?

I thought, I want my kids, my friends and family to hear this song. I want coworkers, partners, acquaintances to hear it. I just felt this overwhelming desire for more people to hear this wonderful message. After all, as leaders of families, households, businesses and communities, we all know the power of uniting people around strong, simple, positive messages.

Brothers all are we
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony

I can’t think of a better message to share with you this month. May it move you as it did me, and may you feel the desire to share your favorite rendition in your sphere of influence. There’s no better gift to give than one of hope and peace.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


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MacDailyNews Take: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

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    1. Agreed. Blah blah. I get the impression that Angela is very much into herself. Kinda self-absorbed. I’m sure most people won’t care what she’s saying or even know who BJ Thomas is. Or even like him. Did she really need to send that to EVERYONE? Maybe keep it in the family.

      Remember how much all you guys flamed Balmer for playing Michael Bolton? This is no different. If this were Balmer you’d be all over it.

      Angela: we’re still waiting on Apple Store 2.0…

  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Finally an Apple Inc. executive dare mutter the word “CHRISTMAS”….. not some obscure PC comment guessing or suggesting the Holiday, but actually saying MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Oh how the gays and atheists and multi-gendered must be throwing a hissy fit. She mentioned “family” and “kids” and CHRISTMAS!!! How refreshing! I sure hope she isn’t fired in the coming days. So nice to hear something other than gay propaganda coming out of Apple Inc. for once.

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    Oh but just for a moment let’s all stop for peace on earth. Moment over! Back to normal.

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    The rusty railroad lantern
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    A reminder of the crossroads
    That loom before us all.

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