iOS 8 mistakes that make you look dumb

“You’ve been using iOS for ages and think you know what you’re doing, but do you?” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “These common iOS mistakes make you look dumb, so here’s how to avoid them.”

“Some users have claimed their iOS device runs slower since they installed iOS 8,” Evans writes. “They moan about it so much you know that some of those complaining probably don’t even use iOS!! It’s funny – but all these complainers are pretty dumb, unless they’ve at least tried this fix: Open Settings>General, select ‘Reset’ and then choose ‘Reset All Settings.’ This won’t delete anything (bar your WiFi password) but might help mitigate performance problems.”

More useful iOS 8 troubleshooting tips in the full article here.


    1. That’s a semi-legitimate beef. Apple doesn’t say you need a computer, no one with half a brain has any idea that extra space is needed for an update (that’s who they are trying to sell things to, right?), and they keep selling memory-challenged units all while showing you all of the wonderful things you can do with their products. I think their update system could do a better job.

      1. True, but OTA updates are just a bad idea to begin with. In order for an OTA update to occur, the device needs to download the OS, partition the old OS as a backup, and install the new OS. In other words, there are 3 versions of the OS on the device at the same time: the downloaded package, the installation, and the backup.

        The “space problem” with OTA updates goes away with a larger capacity device (you get what you pay for) or with tethered updates.

        There are other reasons why I’d recommend not doing an OTA update if you’re able to tether update instead but the space issue is definitely a reason for many.

      2. That’s the whole point. OTA updates take far more room than updating wired to a computer. When doing an OTA update you need room for the compressed file to be downloaded, room to uncompress the installer and room for any temporary files at the installer needs to create. If you do the update through iTunes all of these files wind up using space on the computer’s hard drive which usually has a lot more free space than an iPhone and you rarely have to delete anything from the phone.

        That’s why doing an OTA update on an iPhone is a mistake that makes you look dumb.

    1. iOS 8 mistake that makes Apple look dumb: not providing guidance to users before they do these things.

      One should never throw some kid in the water without a bit of coaching and expect him to swim like he’s an Olympic swimmer. Really, Apple DOES NOT provide adequate start guides for its products anymore.

      I routinely sit in meetings watching people with their iPhones constantly making weird noises because people can’t figure out how to manage Apple’s Notifications. These aren’t dumb people, it’s just that iOS is not as intuitive as it should be, and there’s no product guide in the box, nor is there a built-in tutorial on the device to walk you through ALL the settings and features. That’s dumb software design when a user has to resort to Google to figure out how to put the settings the way that is needed for the phone to cooperate.

      Honestly, does anyone really think that “Accessibility” settings — with a god damned phone restart, like pre-XP Windows — is a user-friendly place to put font settings !?!?!?!?

      Apple fans need to stop looking down their noses at new iOS users and start looking at the real problems: usability of Apple’s latest OSes.

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