How to get iWork apps on OS X Yosemite for free on older Macs

“Apple’s iWork suite of apps has been around for quite a while, but has been a paid affair until recently,” Zayed Rehman reports for Redmond Pie. “In fact, if you have bought a Mac after 2013, then you’re entitled to Apple’s productivity suite absolutely free.”

“But if you have an older Mac, one bought prior to 2013, then you have to pay for each individual app,” Rehman reports, “which includes Pages, Keynote and Numbers, each costing $19.99.”

Rehman reports, “Here’s how to download iWork apps Pages, Keynote and Numbers absolutely free from Apple on your old Mac running OS X Yosemite.”

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  1. I did something similar to this with iPhoto. On my brand new MacBook Pro (purchased this year), iWork and iLife apps weren’t on the mac. I couldn’t download them, as they weren’t installed by my IT team.

    I have an iMac (2006) that had iPhoto on it. So, I upgraded it to the latest version and now I could install iPhoto on my MacBook. I’m glad I can do something similar with iWork as I don’t know where the old install disk has gone.

  2. Something, in spirit, is lost here.

    Either you are supposed to pay for iWorks, because you didn’t buy into the ecosystem after 2013, or Apple forgot about it’s customers when they gave the software away for free.

    Retro refunds just are not in the cards. So with logic, I am thinking Apple really meant to roll iWorks into the Mac ecosystem for new systems. You should buy iWorks, but only need to buy it once, or buy a new Mac, but only one.

    Once iWorks is on your Apple ID, I think you are good to go, for all your Macs.

    Then you get to feel good that you didn’t cheat the system.

    Just saying.

    1. I don’t think Apple has any oversight going on here. They don’t need the $20 per app from people who haven’t bought it for their older computers. It’s much more valuable for customers to be committed to the ecosystem. Apple just didn’t advertise how existing Mac users were going to be welcomed aboard.

  3. This is probably a “bug,” but the only thing Apple needs to “fix” is NOT make the iWork ’09 trial download available anymore. It probably SHOULD work this way, if you are a real owner of an iWork ’09 license, and you installed Pages, Numbers, and Keynote from an iWork ’09 disc (instead of purchasing from App Store). Everyone else should not steal software from Apple.

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