T-Mobile announces ‘Un-carrier 8.0’ and live webcast on December 16th

T-Mobile will share how the company will “continue to rewrite the rules of wireless with Un-carrier 8.0.” Those interested can get all the details on T-Mobile’s “next market-changing move” via live webcast on Yahoo! News.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere will answer live questions about the company’s latest Un-carrier news during a live webcast hosted by David Pogue.

On December 16, 2014, at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time and 7:30 a.m. Pacific Time, simply go to newsroom.t-mobile.com for a link to the webcast on Tuesday morning.

Users can watch the webcast and send questions to @TMobile with the hashtag #Uncarrier8 and questions will be answered live.

Source: T-Mobile US, Inc.


    1. I pay T-mo $15/mo for 5 GB. Tether my phone to my laptop a lot. Only got throttled once in 18 months. On the other hand, I don’t travel much, so on the road access is not an issue. Also can add tablet for same data at same price, if I need extra data because my phone runs out. Waiting for LTE advanced in my area.

    2. I believe T-Mobile has a plan with no throttling. In all fairness, they were the first to specifically say exactly how much data you get before throttling kicks in at what specific price; others were quite vague, and most don’t even have unlimited data (regardless of throttling), but instead charge overages when you exceed your monthly data limit.

      As for the T-Mobile coverage, ever since they turned on Voice-over-WiFi, I no longer have coverage issues I used to have. In my office building, carrier coverage is spotty and problematic, but our WiFi network is strong and reliable. Making and receiving voice calls was always a problem; now it no longer is. Even in the basement, I can connect to our WiFI network, and voice calling now works flawlessly.

    1. Well as soon as that happens, we can all look forward to hearing that T-Mobile coverage meets everybody’s needs, and they unquestionably offer the best value for everything, and so on. After all, if one puts and Apple or and “i” in the name, the army of biased and underinformed users who haven’t shopped the competition in years, if not decades, will verbally attack anyone who isn’t cheerleading for their home team.

      1. Another anti-apple troll??

        I just do not understand this need to bash Apple for everything. When Apple screws up, people here seem happy to note it. And at a factual level.

        Just saying.

        1. Real classy, there, eldernorm. Since when do online forums really get “at a factual level”?

          I believe Paul was using sarcasm to reply to the absurd suggestion by “Tim Cook” which we all know will never happen for logistics and antitrust reasons.

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