Global Equities: ‘Every iPhone user will also be an Apple Watch user’

“Analyst Trip Chowdhry of the boutique research firm Global Equities Research today reiterates an Overweight rating on shares of Apple (AAPL), and a $142 price target, writing that the company’s forthcoming Apple Watch wearable, which may come out in April, ‘will be a phenomenal success,'” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Chowdhry bases his view on what he claims are conversations with ‘no less than 70’ developers working with the software kit for Apple Watch, called ‘WatchKit,'” Ray reports. “Chowdhry contends that ‘Every iPhone user will also be an Apple Watch user,’ because of the fact that users often glance at their phone and the watch can take over some of that: ‘A typical user takes their iPhone out of their pocket, glances at some App on the iPhone, and then puts the iPhone back into their pocket. An average user does this 110 times a day.'”

Ray reports, “Apple Watch will ‘probably be the most successful product in Apple’s history… probably breaking all the previous records,’ he contends.”

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    1. Having and using a convenience item does not equate to being lazy. Using my remote control on a TV does not make one lazy.

      That said, it’s ludicrous to say “every” iPhone user will have an Apple Watch. A high percentage is likely, though.

      1. All you need to read there is “Trip Chowdhry”. He is the biggest joke in a looooooooong line of shitty analysts, and that is saying a lot. He just writes stuff to get himself noticed, and it gets even more insane than this current statement. @NilHai said it best above.

  1. Wrong.

    I am an iPhone 6-1 user, an iPad Air-1 user, an iPod Touch user, a Mac user and have absolutely no interest or intention to waste money on something that duplicates the function of the phone I already have. I also doubt that I am alone in that opinion and assessment. If someone like me who is firmly within the Apple ecosystem all the way to subscribing to iCloud and iTunes Match does not want Jony’s iToy, what does that say about the generic iPhone user?

    That by definition means Global Equities is full of shit.

    The Watch will be the Cube redux- another engineering exercise that s interesting but has a very limited market. The only difference is that I would love to see a next Gen Cube positioned between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro- think headless Mac with a Quad Core i7 and high quality graphics.

    1. I, on the other hand, would love to have an Apple Watch. But I won’t be buying one. I’d get some use and convenience from it, but it simply wouldn’t be enough to justify spending the money. This further adds to the stupidity of this waaaay-over-the-top statement.

    2. Agreed.

      My iPhone is my Apple watch. I have dozens of expensive watches just idling in bureau drawers and enjoyed wrist freedom since owning the debut 2007 iPhone.

      Bottom line: I don’t need another charge a day iToy that is not waterproof, but that said — to each his own and enjoy.

      1. Like you I have a collection of watches I never use- including a gold Swiss Watch my Dad bought just after World War II with money earned serving in the Navy during the Pacific War.

        If I do not wear a Gold Swiss Watch that still keeps excellent time with significant sentimental value, why would I wear an iToy that will be outdated and unsupported by Apple in a few years.

        1. Comparing the Apple Watch to your heirloom watch doesn’t make sense, since it will not be just a watch anymore than an iPhone is just a phone.

          But the specific reasons an Apple Watch will go (or not go) on individual wrists will be different for each person. I am hoping to find a reason to have one, as I love the tech, but don’t see it yet either.

  2. Every iPhone (six and upwards) user is a potential iWatch user.
    There are millions with older versions that will require an upgrade before they will get much benefit from owning a watch

  3. It is an exagerated statement .. BUT some of the comments here are way too premature too.
    My gut says most who say its useless will endup owning one because they will grow to love its efficiency and functionality..
    I for one am super excited about taptic( heptic) communication among other things !

  4. I didn’t think I’d have any use for the Apple watch until I got an iPhone 6. The damn thing’s too big to try to take out of a pocket (and shove it back in) all the time. Short of putting it on my belt (where it will still be too big), the watch might actually let me leave it in my pants where I won’t have to struggle to whip it out (hey, now) every time it vibrates. But I’ll probably wait until I see next year’s smallest form factor iPhone before I buy the Apple watch. If it’s a return to the 5-size but has equal camera, battery, features, etc., I’ll go back to that. And the watch will also be a boon to those that carry Apple’s large phones in purses, knapsacks, and briefcases, for the same reason.

    Oh, and the most awkward, non-intuitive naming of an Apple product ever – the Apple watch Edition. Edition edition? Edition model? Edition version? Apple watch Edition watch. Apple watch Sport edition? No? Ugh.

    If there’s any drawback to the watch (besides cost), it’s its lack of water-resistance, relatively short battery life, and the fact that it only has usable functions (beyond telling time) when paired to an iPhone.

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