Guy Kawasaki: Apple’s transition from survival mode to luxury brand

Guy Kawasaki, co-author of “The Art of Social Media” discusses Apple’s transition from Steve Jobs to Tim Cook and what he sees for the company in the year ahead. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Bloomberg: Is apple a luxury brand or technology?
Kawasaki: Luxury.

B: Did you know that when you were there?
K: Know it wasn’t when I was there; back then it was supposed to die.

B: When did you see the shift?
K: With the iPhone.

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Direct link to video here.


  1. Why does it have to be one or the other? To me, they’re a luxurious technology brand. Since the world has an incessant need to prop competitors up beside Apple, they try to put them in one of those boxes because no other company can be both. If you recognize Apple for what it truly is, you’re forced to acknowledge that no other company can do that which Apple has achieved.

  2. Good Luck with that strategy.

    I work with a lot of high net worth individuals. They are not interested in Apple as a luxury brand. They want products that are:

    Reliable (Not full of bugs and missing features)!
    Value privacy
    Easy to use
    A reasonable price / value proposition.

    Apple is doing great in iPhones, however, I am seeing early indications of problems with iPads and Macs.

    I’m seeing far less Mac’s among students than I did five years ago. In addition, high net worth clients are not buying new Macs instead they are installing RAM and SSD’s. Why? They won’t pay $1,000 more for a Mac with an SSD than you can buy a Lenovo with Windows 7 and an SSD from Amazon.

    Apple wants to be the Mercedes Benz of the Computer Business. They would be far better off being the Toyota of the computer business.

    1. As a high net worth individual, my time is too valuable (as it is to any individual) to waste on any form of Windows. And part of the way I got to be high net worth was not to blow it on consultants like you.

    2. “Reliable (Not full of bugs and missing features)!
      Value privacy
      Easy to use
      A reasonable price / value proposition.”

      I think those are included in the definition of a luxury product.

  3. Apple dominated the tech world AFTER he left.

    I’m not saying this Guy was the reason Apple struggled while he was there . . . just saying the success it had in the Jobs return/Cook years had nothing to do with him, so he has as much insight into the company as the rest of us (and based on his answers, maybe even less).

  4. This guy is clueless…and he even admits it. And to think these type of people get air time to spew their cluelessness. Strange world…strange world indeed.

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