Original Apple computer sells for $365,000 at New York auction

“A fully operational Apple computer that company co-founder Steve Jobs sold out of his parents’ garage in 1976 for $600 sold for $365,000 at Christie’s on Thursday,” Chris Michaud reports for Reuters.

“The Ricketts Apple-1 Personal Computer, named after its original owner Charles Ricketts, is the only known surviving Apple-1 documented as having been sold directly by Jobs to an individual from the Los Altos, California family home, according to the auction house,” Michaud reports. “The price fell shy of Christie’s estimate of $400,000 to $600,000 and was far less than the $905,000 paid by the Henry Ford organization in October for one of the computers. Fewer than 50 original Apple-1s are believed to be in existence of the few hundred originally produced.”

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    1. That was the retail price through the computer store. . . I would not be surprised if this one did indeed sell for a discount $600 if sold directly from the “factory outlet store,” so to speak.

  1. ‘We sold almost 200 of the Apple I. It wasn’t that big a deal, but we made about $95,000 and I started to see it as a business besides something to do.
    Apple I was just a printed circuit board. There was no case, there was no power supply; it wasn’t much of a product yet. It was just a printed circuit board. I think they’re all collector’s items now.’

    ‘Steve Jobs Bio: The Unauthorized Autobiography.’

    1. Those numbers imply parts and labor cost $125 each if they sold them for $600 (95,000 / 200 = 475). I think the first 200 were sold out of the garage and not out of a retail store. I did not read the book so I don’t know.

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