Why does Apple limit iOS landscape mode to iPhone 6 Plus?

“One of the distinguishing features of Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus is that if the device is turned sideways, the “desktop” will also rotate into landscape mode,” E. Werner Reschke writes for TGAAP. “While this has been around since day one with iPads, iPhones have only received this feature with iOS 8 — and only on the iPhone 6 Plus.”

“To utilize the space efficiently, Apple moves the Dock along the side of the screen instead of placing it at the bottom (as happens on iPad). If you have a chance go to an Apple Store and rotate iPhone 6 Plus — the way the Dock appears and the icons all rotate has been well thought out,” Reschke writes. “Matter of fact it is done so well you do not even think about it much. But as a software designer, I know this didn’t just happen on accident, but that serious planning went into how this would work, and work well.”

Reschke writes, “My question is why this feature only exists on iPhone 6 Plus? Why can’t iPhone 6 do the same thing?”

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    1. Your explanation does sound logical.

      (I’m pretty sure that Jony Ive, after reading E. Werner Reschke’s article didn’t do the Homer Simpson personal dope slap and exclaim “Doh! Why didn’t I think of that?!”)

    2. You’re right. There’s more space between the icons on the 6+ because it has a larger, higher resolution screen. Even on Apple’s website you can see that the icons are similar in size between devices despite the screen actually being much larger. This guy is a dumbass who obviously lacks contextual awareness or critical thinking skills.

      1. right? this is like asking why the iPhone 4 didn’t rotate but the 1st generation iPad did. Simply the screen size. There’s not enough space on the smaller screens without scaling the icons down. Which is why it works on the larger 6 Plus.

        And anyone who’s ever jailbroken and installed SBrotator would especially understand how that rotation would need to be accomplished — by shrinking the icons, re-ordering them into two rows, or by squishing them together. And it wasn’t always pretty.

  1. Some people that have access to a web page to write things are just morons.. this is one of them.

    Apple did this for a reason, they probably tried it before deciding that the resolution of the iPhone 6 would not be adequate to work in Landscape mode

  2. “…I know this didn’t just happen on accident…”
    Or is it “by accident?” “On accident,” as in opposite of “on purpose?” After so many years, I still can’t get over this…

  3. And why can’t MacDailyNews get their app to operate in landscape mode?! It’s annoying to have to leave the app just to see a video or a picture in its full landscape awesomeness. Speak of settling!!!

  4. Would be great landscape worked on iPhone 6, but read here plausible arguments to the contrary.

    That said, no reason in the world why the camera stabilization does not work on both 6 models.

    I was ready to pull the trigger on launch day, stood in line, and go for the smaller 6. When I found out about the neutered camera, game over.

    Bottom line: 4S for another year enjoying Steve’s illustrious icon masterpieces.

    Hope Apple keeps the smaller size 5 around as well, but upgraded. Know a ton of folks who find that size range perfect for their needs.

  5. I am on the fence over the rotation of the springboard. I kinda don’t want that. I wish it would act the same as the 4.7″ iPhone 6. I suppose there is a setting for it. I am living with it now, to see if I can get used to it. So far, no.

    1. To turn it off go to settings, display & brightness, then view. Select zoom. It will restart your phone and your home screen will not rotate. Another option is to swipe up to bring up your settings. Select the circle with the lock inside of it. This will prevent your phone from ever rotating to landscape mode.

  6. “…To utilize the space efficiently,…”, hum. Gosh I must have missed the memo that has to read ” we will now utilize utilize rather than utilize, use”.
    Folks, you do not sound smarter, more educated, using the word utilize, sadly you sound pretentious.

  7. Given that various apps on the 6 actually do use landscape it would be nice to have the -option- to have any other page view also be available that way. Given it done on 6+ obviously -can- do it. I’ve seen some jailbreaks/apps that purport to do this, but I don’t see why someone should have to go to that extent to get what should be a simple apple fix.

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