Jeff Daniels eyed to play former Apple CEO John Sculley in ‘Steve Jobs’ biopic

“Jeff Daniels, who recently won an Emmy for ‘The Newsroom,’ is being eyed to play former Apple CEO John Sculley in Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs movie, multiple individuals familiar with the Universal project have told TheWrap,” Jeff Sneider reports for TheWrap.

“Michael Fassbender has closed a deal to star as the Apple icon, while Seth Rogen is set to co-star as Jobs’ close confidante and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak,” Sneider reports. “While Daniels does not have an official offer yet, one is expected to materialize soon, as he’s considered Boyle’s top choice for the key supporting role.”

Sneider reports, “Boyle is currently seeking a leading lady to play former Mac marketing chief Joanna Hoffman, as Natalie Portman recently passed on the project, which boasts a well-researched script by Emmy-winning ‘Newsroom’ creator Aaron Sorkin, who adapted Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Jobs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s rather perfect that Daniels will follow up “Dumb and Dumber” with “Dumbest.”

Vacant eyes, Jeff. Vacant eyes.

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  1. Tom Hanks was reportedly campaigning to play Sculley. That would be bad though, because Hanks is the best actor around, and he’d outshine the lead.

    Speaking of the lead, leaked emails confirm that Sorkin really, really wanted Tom Cruise to play Jobs. Honestly, I think he’d have been perfect. If there’s one major actor who could match Jobs’s intensity, Cruise is it.

  2. Something tells me that this movie is going to suck. It’s in total disarray. And why do so many people think it’s going to be great just because Aaron Sorkin wrote it? I’m not saying he’s a bad writer, but think about how much of a backlash there will be after all of the hype if the movie turns out to be crap. All of this has made me less interested in the movie. Even though the Jobs movie that stared Ashton Kutcher had a lot of inaccuracies, it was actually pretty good in my opinion. I just had to ignore the things that I knew weren’t accurate and just enjoy the story being told. Pirates of Silicon Valley was even more inaccurate, and yet a lot of people liked it.

    1. |Something tells me that this movie is going to suck.

      Yeah, that would be every ounce of common sense in your body. Of course this thing is going to suck. And I agree with you 100% that “Aaron Sorkin” is not a reason to think the movie is good. Aaron Sorkin writes Aaron Sorkin scripts. You either like them or you don’t. Look at all the love and hate aimed at The Newsroom, for example.

      Look, I love Steve Jobs, you love Steve Jobs, we all f***ing love Steve Jobs, but does this world really need yet another goddamn Steve Jobs movie? There have already been THREE, if you count Pirates of Silicone Valley. (The lesser-known iSteve was the third.)

      This movie isn’t going to be any good, and the backlash is just going to inspire anti-Apple haters to new heights. I am really hoping the thing either doesn’t get made at all or gets quietly dumped in January or February.


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