Apple drops Google Maps for Apple Maps on

“Apple appears to have finally dropped Google Maps from, replacing it with its own in-house maps almost two years after removing Google Maps from iOS and most of its other products,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple started slowly rolling out the feature to its iCloud beta site for select users earlier this year before pulling it,” Kahn reports, “but it now seems to have replaced Google for all users of’s Find My iPhone feature.”

Kahn reports, “Removing Google Maps from iCloud is just about the last step in completely transitioning to its own Maps app apart from retail store listings on its website that we’re guessing will be replaced in the near future.”

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    1. Google is losing big another way by failing to see far enough into the future.

      iPhone and App users I know are just plain OD’d by adds, the likes of which they just ignore more and more everyday. They are inundated with them everywhere (like on MDN, as a prime example)

      That means future use of Google for search is likely to drop for the average individual as they get smarter about advertising and info privacy.

      If I want to find information, I’ll look for a review site or App, to try to get some validated comparisons. Google doesn’t cut it for sources.

      1. Well it was a mistake not to have labeled it as simply “Beta” like they did with Siri. The person held accountable for the “mistake” no longer works at Apple. Funny how common sense decisions like that can sometimes pass people by, including force-feeding iTunes account holders U2 free offerings they may or may not have wanted. Live and learn.

      2. It’s funny what some people label “disasters” these days. Are there errors and inconsistencies? Sure; but all maps have errors and inconsistencies – that’s the nature of the beast.

        For me and others I know, Apple Maps is as useful as Google Maps, and has been from the start. The fact is for many people, the so-called disastrous flaws in Apple maps simply never materialized on a day-to-day basis of using it.

        1. My feelings exactly. Every time I’ve used Apple maps (from day one) and routed a path, it led me right to the place. The only differences I saw were that the mileage and time estimates were slightly different, and to be honest, I’m not sure which one was more correct. The times they showed were well within the variation you’d from stopping or not stopping at traffic light. That whole thing was blown way out of proportion.

      3. It was an important strategic decision on Apple’s part: damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead! Okay, it did not turn out as well as Apple had hoped. But they made their decision, death with the consequences, and got their mistake behind them in good time. Forward, ho!

  1. Sadly, it still has my house 4 blocks from where it has resided since 1826. I have sent several corrections to Apple via iPad, Mac apps. So I will continue to use Google given better level of accuracy at present.

    1. I had to remind them constantly since Apple Maps was released that my business was at the address it was at before they did anything about it. probably reminded them over 100 times over several years. it’s fixed now

    1. I only use Google maps when I need street view. that said, I use it fairly often. street view is sloppy but is the best… but then so was a fkking Blackberry pre 2007.
      it needs to be improved for sure—it needs to be Apple-ized

    1. By the time they have street view Google will adopt God’s Eye View. You will be able to see INSIDE buildings and people’s homes. It will work in any building where people have taken any android device and waved it around in ordinary use. Google thinks this will sell a lot of phones, tablets, and Chromebooks.

        1. I only suggested the name and concept which exist, however, you are right that it’s falling out of style. Believers are now a minority in the under 30s cohort and old ideas get buried in cemeteries along with racism and homophobia.

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