Apple TV gets overhauled YouTube app, adds new channels for Fusion, UFC, DailyMotion and more

“Google on Tuesday unveiled a redesigned YouTube app for the Apple TV with a number of new features, while Apple simultaneously added four additional channels to its lineup, including one from popular mixed martial arts league UFC,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“In addition to a refreshed user interface, the new YouTube app also adds functionality long missing from its Apple TV incarnation,” Oliver reports. “Users can now subscribe to a channel directly from the set-top box, for instance, and the app’s search function now uses a find-as-you-type configuration for faster searching.”

Oliver reports, “Alongside the YouTube update, Apple has added new content from UFC, The Scene, Fusion, and DailyMotion. ”

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      1. How about speed? As much as I love my Atv it really feels so sluggish most of the time… Just slap a A8 chip in there and get it over with it Tim! oh, and yes Siri too.

      2. Well, for one thing, I would love a reason to tell my non-Apple-centric friends and relatives to get an Apple TV instead of a Chromecast or a Roku. I love my Apple TV and want to evangelize it, but I can’t in good conscience make that pitch.

        It’s 3-year-old tech Apple still inexplicably sells for $99. You can get a Roku or a Chromecast that does all the non-iTunes stuff for less than half that. Who in their right mind would buy an Apple TV at this point (unless you absolutely need the iTunes or Mac-interfacing features)?

        Apple clearly doesn’t care about this device and is just letting it wither. Whatever. I’ll stick with my old 780p Apple TV until it breaks, and if they still haven’t updated it by then, I’ll get a Roku.


        1. I have a strange feeling that Apple is prepping something significant, but needs backing by the big movie and networks first. Things don’t happen with Tim Cook like they did with big Steve… But he will learn 😉

      1. Yes! I just don’t see what the issue is? What is the problem with putting an App Store on an Apple TV with a little more horsepower and opening it up for games? The only reason I can think of, the ONLY REASON, is that doing so would conflict with some greater plan Cook and co. have in the works. If that’s the case, they need to reveal that plan soon.


  1. Waiting for Showtime and HBO without cable subscription, where I can pay for them and not bankroll the 200+ channels of bullshit I pay for and do not watch.
    Same for BBC World News, since none of the US “news” channels are interested in anything but celebutard bullshit, DC Beltway nonsense and such.

    1. Here’s a hint-
      If HBO ever allows direct subscription, you will STILL be funding all the channels they own.

      HBO East, HBO West,
      HBO2 East, HBO2 West,
      HBO Comedy East,
      HBO Comedy West,
      HBO Family East,
      HBO Family West,
      HBO Latino East,
      HBO Latino West,
      HBO Signature East,
      HBO Signature West,
      HBO Zone East,
      HBO Zone West

      Again, it is the companies people want to subscribe to that write the rules for what cable channels are required to be carried.

      1. The leeches I want off my back are MTV networks (MTV/BET/CMT/VH1/Spike), Disney (ESPN, ABC Family, Disney Channels, Lifetime, etc), Discovery (Discovery, Animal Planet, etc), Comcast (MSNBC,CNBC, Golf Channel, NBC Sports, USA), A&E Networks (History, H2, A&E, Biography). You get the idea.

        At least HBO and Showtime are commercial free and produce some interesting material.

  2. What appleTV sorely needs is HDMI-control over other devices attached to the same TV (the standard is called “CEC”).
    – some easy way to control sound level;
    – top-level selection by genre (&other criteria), rather than by “channel” (=provider). The search should access all (non-hidden) providers and login into streaming services should only be required for actual play.

    I also do hope that Apple continues to support appleTV2, rather than essentially bricking them by leaving them behind while other services (soft-)update their features.

  3. THANKS APPLE! I love my Apple TV, more channels just makes it better. It’s a decent interface. I’d like it to stretch its legs and become a monster multifunction masterpiece as it’s destined to become but for the time being it’s cool. It’s the quickest way to start an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” after a long day.

  4. How about fixing iOS so searches on Netflix are fixed. And I’m waiting on a hardware refresh before I buy another one.

    And with more and more Internet providers coming out with data caps, optional storage for iTunes content would be great.

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