Apple CEO Tim Cook met privately with Jesse Jackson regarding diversity

“Apple CEO Tim Cook met privately with Rev. Jesse Jackson on Monday, the civil rights leader told USA TODAY,” Jessica Guynn reports for USA Today.

“‘I am impressed with him and the conversation,’ Jackson said in an interview on Tuesday,” Guynn reports. “‘He has a real vision for Apple and he sees the value in inclusiveness.’

Guynn reports, “In a statement, Apple spokeswoman Kristen Huguet said: ‘Apple is deeply committed to diversity within our company and the advancement of human rights around the world. We had a productive meeting with Rev. Jesse Jackson and we value his input. We look forward to working with him, our employees, customers and other stakeholders as we look for ways to do more.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Next week, for an encore, Tim’s going to meet with the heads of all Five Families regarding “security.”

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      1. I would not group Jackson with Sharpton. The latter has horrible deeds in career, and the former, while not being saint at all, is genuine civil rights leader with history that comes from 1960s and civil right marches with Doctor King.

        1. Marching with the great Dr. King is MORE of a reason to despise his present day shakedowns, lining his pockets and wearing silk suits in the holy name of racial justice — one smooth operator.

          Once pure in purpose — now goes after the big money companies and the high profile press. You don’t see it?!?

          Charlton Heston also marched and played a pivotal role with the good doctor in the Washington movement of civil rights. He NOBLY went on to defend Second Amendment freedoms for a 501C without profiteering.

          The reverend is no Dr. King.

            1. Well if that isn’t a conflated argument, I don’t know what is.

              Jackson is a fraud. He and Sharpton and people forcing “diversity” and screaming racism at every turn do nothing but crap all over what MLK stood for and died for. They’ve perverted his message into something despicable,

            2. Not the message, but what they do. However, Jackson is less despicable than Sharpton. He is probably corrupt in his personal financial interests, but otherwise he conveys the message and he did not derail civil rights campaign credibility in way that Sharpton did.

              Of course, ideally, new, untainted leaders should come. I am not know anyone else, unfortunately.

        2. That didn’t stop Jesse Jackson from shaking down Budweiser to give his sons a valuable distributorship.
          Next thing you know, the Jackson family will have an Apple store.

  1. Oh please though Tim, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their ilk are NOT true representatives of racial issues, they are disingenuous racial ambulance chasers who consistently fail to call out bad behavior but acquiesce to low minded rage instead of clarifying the situation at hand – however it goes. They do themselves and others no favors.

    Sadly the best Black leader is no longer with us. All the rest have mostly been clumsy publicity seeking pretenders. But even so-called “white” America is short on decent leaders these days.

      1. What is most annoying about the majority of your posts, is you sanctimoniously assume you know what we are all thinking and what is best for our lives.

        Don’t speak for anyone, except yourself, grasshopper …

        1. Hmm. I’ll think about that.
          In the meantime, I’d say that the posts on MDN show a bit of a lack of empathy towards the poor, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to say that the typical MDN commenter would have been against minimum income, a full social safety, universal healthcare, and the like. Those were the kinds of things MLK was starting to work on. Do you really disagree with me and my educated guess about how most MDN commenters would feel about those plans? Come on.

    1. I whole heartedly wish that people would quit focusing on a tiny amount of skin pigment that separates them. The time has come to focus on the virtues, qualities and choices that we all share. There are no virtues that any one group has command of and we need to all develop our characters equally.

  2. I think that was more of a photo op. Nothing meaning can ever come from meeting with Jackson. The task at hand is to now go ahead with tackle the real issues causing the diversity disparity.

    1. Yeah, like how can we encourage people to acquire sufficient education and talent to command higher pay. Protesting doesn’t help and creates nothing but animosity on both sides. The US lacks scientific-minded members of society that can contribute to our ingenuity and creativeness, not janitors that carp about wanting higher pay when anyone off the street can readily step into that job. Go home Jesse “Hijack”son and stop extorting money from successful people and companies just so you can continue to live the high life while helping no one.

      1. When discussing diversity, the argument that there are enough minorities qualified to diversify the workforce is a lie. Like I said before, stop meeting with Jessie Jackson, or subscribing to racist myths as to why this problem exist and deal with the real issues to find solutions to this problem.

  3. Tell Jesse that there will be more diversity when more women and Americans of color enroll on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs at the University level. Apple does not hire many with degrees in Sports Management, Dance or African-American Studies. Not trolling, but take a walk over to the Engineering School at the local college- it is diverse, but not Jesse Jackson diverse.

    Without a degree in demand, you will not be working at Apple. Plain and simple.

    1. We know that Tim can be a hard-nosed and successful businessman. Perhaps he has a heart and a vision that extends beyond immediate tech issues to society as well. It may be that Tim sais exactly what you have suggested. Having identified a problem, perhaps they discussed possible solutions. There are many creative ways that Apple could enhance career pathways. Off the top of my head, I could suggest education, internships, assistance with start up, venture capital. There are many existing models to choose from that have been assets to other tech companies or industries.

      These things need not be a drain on resources at all to make a significant difference.

      Think different.

      1. There are a number of Professional fraternities in Engineering with active programs to encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM. Maybe they could be extended to underrepresented minorities.

        It should be noted that Apple GIVES the developer software and makes a treasure trove of developer documentation available to anyone with an internet connection and a workable Macintosh.

        Nothing stopping young African American men from downloading Developer Tools and reading the extensive Apple library online. If a kid can memorize the words to a complex rap they can memorize the stuff needed learn anything.

    1. Precisely.

      I have posted along the same lines many times. It is not good business to wear politics on your sleeve. Steve understood this and appealed to ALL customers.

      If Tim keeps this up the number of disenfranchised customers will continue to grow.

  4. I agree stop with the politics. Apple stores are heavily biased in the gay lgbt etc etc staffing. Who cares just fix what’s broken ( like iTunes Siri etc etc.) and make stuff that works. Stop vying for time “person” of the year. Just shut up and run apple without the social engineering bs.

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