Apple, Amazon refuse to release federal diversity data

“Apple and, two of technology’s most powerful companies, are refusing to release federal data on the diversity of their workforces,” Jessica Guynn reports for USA Today. “Spokeswoman Kristin Huguet declined to comment on why Apple would not release the data. spokesman Ty Rogers did not respond to requests for comment.”

“American companies collect and report information about their workforces to the federal government each year in a form called the EEO-1. The EEO-1 is a standard form which breaks down race, ethnicity and gender of workforces by job classification,” Guynn reports. “Stanford fellow Vivek Wadhwa says Apple and Amazon have a responsibility to the public to be more ‘publicly accountable for diversity.’ Silicon Valley is pushing for more diversity as it caters to an increasingly diverse and global marketplace. ‘This refusal shows that they have something to hide,’ said Wadhwa, author of Innovating Women. ‘If they didn’t have anything to hide, they would come clean.'”

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  1. I would suggest, at least for Apple, that they don’t have the information. Because they hire strictly on the basis of job qualifications, work experience, fitness for the position and ability to support and extend Apple’s mission and perspective. Nothing else matters. And, as a result, they end up with a very diversified work force. Even in our little lonely retail store in the Midwestern USA

    1. Absolutely correct assessment.

      The reason USA TODAY is pushing this story is because of company diversity initiatives well documented for decades.

      They are only capable of interpreting numbers on a race based politically correct accounting scale.

      And we all know where that leads …

    2. Such reports are inherently racist, sexist, genderist, discriminatory, ablist, and whateverist you can think of. . . intended to stir up discord when it turns out you don’t have the correct melting pot that is currently politically correct.

      A couple of decades ago in Stockton California, a white guy named Mark Stebbins, who claimed he was really Black, was running for Mayor against a Black guy named Ralph White (I know, follow me here, it is confusing), White cried foul, especially after getting a video of Stebbins’ parents saying they have no idea where their son got the idea he was Black. Stebbins pointed out that he’s married to a Black woman (who used to be White’s private Secretary), and if he THINKS he’s Black, then he’s Black, and he challenges anybody to convince him he’s not!

      The current mayor of Stockton lived next door to me. I told him, “Jim, the man’s a genius! In one fell swoop, he’s solved every business in this country’s affirmative action problems for good! You don’t ever have go out and hire any missing minority people to bring your percentages up to meet some pie-in-the-sky demanded quotas! You just have hire a company psychologist, who’ll come in and convince the employees you already have that THEY ARE the minorities you NEED THEM TO BE! Need ten Black employees? Under the Stebbins plan, send them to your psych guy, and soon they be positive they’re Black, and your problem is solved! Call the EEOC! It is BRILLIANT! “

      1. Did you catch the subtle use of Ebonics there. . . I’m using the Stebbins plan on MDN.

        OH, Stebbins and White both lost the Mayorial Race. Jim won a second term. Mrs. Stebbins did later win a seat on the Stockton School Board. . . White, a bail bondsman and long time city councilman, it is said was an “honest politician” once you paid for him, he stayed “bought”. . .

    3. You’re wrong. They have the information. They just choose not to release it, and if they’re not required to, then why? The fact is there are significant difficulties in filling positions in the tech industry, particularly in engineering and programming, regarding diversity. So the numbers are not going to look good, and plenty of opportunists will use the report to bash the companies.

  2. Those EEO-1 forms are disgusting. They should be outlawed.
    I find it sickening that people can sit around and give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to a company workforce based on racial and ethnic mix.

    1. When I worked in the Federal Government, they used to pass a form around asking that we self-identify by race/ethnic group. I refused to fill it out. If they wanted to categorize me, they had to do like they used to in South Africa, with “officials” looking at you and deciding your race. I wasn’t going to participate in their obsession with race.

    2. What a nagging insistence of collecting information that “breaks down race, ethnicity and gender of workforces”.

      Qualified people exist in all kinds of races or ethnicities.

      Bad and good exist in all kinds of races or ethnicities.

      The “for statistical purposes” argument is just a fallacy.

  3. That’s because Amazon doesn’t even hire people who have enough rythm to dance, and Apple is so homogenous even the security patrol cars are white.

    These companies are so clueless, they consider drinking black coffee and ordering dark furniture to be efforts toward diversity!

    1. You’ve obviously never visited the campus in Cupertino. Large numbers of Asian, South Asian (Pakistani, Indian, etc.), as well as Hispanic and yes, even African-decendent people. Quite a few are women. It’s a very diverse workforce.

      Don’t believe me? Go stand in front of IL1 during the week, where the corporate shuttle busses stop. Watch who gets on and off.

  4. When will it finally get through to these people that a company like Apple can only function properly with the right people in place in the various departments, in order to create the products that are proving so desirable around the world.
    It has been proven that employing people solely to fulfil some edict from pressure groups does nothing whatsoever to improve the ability of a business to be creative.

    1. Amazon Web Services is one of the top web hosting platforms in world, and probably of half the websites and web connected Apps you use run on it. If you didn’t know that Amazon was a huge tech company Amazon, you probably don’t know much of anything about tech companies.

        1. I think they fall under at least “provide tech services” and counted as a tech company as such. Or are you going to say only companies that produce the tech can be considered a “Tech” company?

        2. They invented hundreds of API’s, operate millions of servers, and design and manage the back end infrastructure of countless of websites and apps. This is all in addition to their very well known online store, and building e-book readers, tablets, and smart phones. They are pretty much as technological as any one company can get. I’m not saying Amazon is a good or bad tech company – I’m saying they clearly and without a doubt are a tech company.

  5. I know I’ll get shot for it. But here are some personal, subjective, locally ignorant but personally insightful thoughts:

    1) The goal in my mind is to never have to care what box someone fits into ever again. Everyone is judged and hired equally for work. Throw the classifications away.

    2) But we’re stuck with the boxes to shove people into because of that caveman quality stuff we call bigotry.

    3) Another problem is that no two cultures raise their children alike. Some cultures (no I’m not pointing fingers so don’t dare point at me!) do NOT value education, knowledge, positive self-esteem, caring about the overall world at large, on and on. The person from THIS box may be a lousy employee because they were brought up inside THAT box. It’s incredibly complicated and annoying. It’s so bad that I often wish I could (don’t take this the wrong way or I’ll burn you back!) simply kidnap a kid and allow them to grow up realizing their full potential as a human being, rather than growing up DENIGRATED due to the nasty box they’re living in now. What a waste of life, love and wonderful. (No, I’m not going to connect this to the bizarro abortion issue here).

    4) ‘Why can’t we all just get along’ isn’t working because people in all these different boxes do NOT want to communicate with each other and understand one another. It’s a battle of the boxes.

    And I am soooo tired of the resulting contention. I just want people to be allowed to grow to their full potential as spirits, as human beings, with out all the other-people’s-problems crap dumped on their heads every day all day long.

    5) A business is required to hire the best person for the job. That’s the sum total of the situation. But all the noise noted above makes damned sure to get in the way.

    1. Look at your votes. You didn’t get shot for it. On the contrary, most seem to agree with you. Who knows, maybe the trolls and politards were on holiday.

      So you dodged bullets today, but another day you’d have drawn fire for wanting to elimInate classifications. Society won’t work without them, it’s indefensible to argue otherwise. Let’s face it: what we all get upset about, really, is who decides these classifications.

      1. As ever, those drawn to power are precisely the people who abuse it. We’ve barely scratched the surface of human psychology. We are incredibly complicated with each of us being an individual system of thought. Attempting to shortcut understanding who each individual is inside their inner world consistently leads to classifications that have little to do with the whole of a person. IOW: As usual the KISS Principle can kiss my… 😉

    2. I couldn’t agree more. My son is applying for colleges, and he’s a white male. He’s also a football player and excellent student, which is helping considerably, but he was told by several colleges (he is applying to many highly selective schools) that if he were a black female they could virtually guarantee his acceptance. That’s just wrong; it’s discrimination. And it’s very sad that college will cost my son more because of his skin color. I just get sick having to check the race box on every college app, every football recruiting form, everything. I don’t understand this compulsive need of governments and people to categorize everyone and everything. Do all these labels really help, or are they hurting? I think they hurt much more than they help.

      1. Impractical as it is, where dysfunctional families and culture need help is NOT after the kids have grown up and are emotional/self-esteem wrecks. Too damned late.

        Where the help is required is in raising the kids in a positive, encouraging, enabling way from birth up through 18. Doing that is hard. But it’s where it’s at! That means getting into the home somehow and helping it all work. Having positive kids come out the other end of their growing up is GOLD. It’s a tough subject.

  6. Underrepresentation is a real problem in some industries. The lack of diversity on our professional sports teams shows just how far this country (US) has to go yet.

    1. I disagree with your comment about sports teams and lack of diversity. My son is heavily involved in sports, especially football. The vast majority of players and coaches don’t care about your race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. What they care about is can you help the team win (especially in football).

    2. Yes, underrepresentation is a major social ill. After all, nothing good happens when you don’t have the proper mix of gender and pigments. Certainly nothing awesome could ever happen, like say, building an empire, a business, evangelization, changing the world, or anything like that — no, no. First you must have the magic ratio and then and only thing can good things happen. What a joke.

  7. “‘If they didn’t have anything to hide, they would come clean.’””

    Fuck you. That’s the language of the police state, the language of the oppressor.

    1. LOL. Why are you assuming that anyone is saying that? It’s like you’re looking for racism and if it’s not there, you’re going to make some. I don’t know jack about “all blacks”. However, I do know that the ghetto mindset is really screwing up American culture and specifically the lives of quite a few blacks. Some do escape it. Some were never part of it, and that’s awesome. However, that cultural rot is bad news for whomever lives that way.

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