Xiaomi looking to overtake Apple in smartphones

“Last week, Xiaomi CEO Jun Lei said that he expects the smartphone manufacturer to take the number one sales spot in smartphones over the next decade. Lei had a chance to emphasize his belief at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen China, taking to a panel to accentuate the company’s growth in smart devices,” Electronista reports. “To do so, the Chinese company will need to overtake the number one and two companies Samsung and Apple, something that Apple Senior Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs Bruce Sewell believes ‘won’t be so easy.'”

“‘I believe that no one thought the Xiaomi from three years ago, which just made its first phone, would later rank as the third largest player,’ said Lei. ‘India is becoming our largest overseas market. Within five or 10 years, we have the opportunity to become the number one smartphone company in the world,'” Electronista reports. “Critics say that if Xiaomi has any ambitions of expanding much beyond where it already has, it will need to abandon its primary approach to selling smartphones, which is to slavishly copy Apple’s designs in both hardware and software. The Cupertino company has not sued Xiaomi over its flagrant copying, due to the weak court systems for such matters in the two primary countries where the company operates.

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MacDailyNews Take: Unit share does not make a company #1 in anything but unit share.


  1. Ok, now do something Apple has not done and then overtake Apple… then you will get Kudo’s for your work.

    Otherwise, Apple propels Xiaomi in phone sells with innovation, refinment, and phone interface design so Xiaomi can copy what they can not conceive.

  2. Put the name Samsung in place of this Chinese copy firm and turn back the clock. Sounds the same to me. It will be Apple that engineers what customers want, and the others can’t seem to copy what differentiates Apple from all others. And that’s the ability to be in the future, not the past and just making more capable hardware. There’s always a chance that someone will out-engineer Apple with a great top-to-bottom system of HW and SW. So far, nobody has done it better. Maybe these guys will, but I wouldn’t yet bet against Apple losing the war. People will pay for the real thing; not a knock-off piece with a splintered system to run on it. Apple’s competitors don’t ever seem to have the wherewithal to pull off an Apple beater.

  3. I guess they saw how successful samdung was in their strategy and they want to follow in their footsteps.
    Except samdung fell off the cliff… Hope these lowlives do too!

    I have no respect or tolorance for scums like that… And i will do what i can to discredit these thieves !

  4. “The Cupertino company has not sued Xiaomi over its flagrant copying, due to the weak court systems for such matters in the two primary countries where the company operates.”

    I didn’t know Xiaomi is selling phones in the United States. Anyone want to make a bet Judge Kol is already a fan of Xiaomi phones?

  5. hey morons. Heard of sony Walkman? Heard of nintento, heard of cd players. heard of VHS players. Heard of DVD players. Who would have thought Sony would one day be losing money? Who would have thought that one day Sony would stop making TVs. Who would have thought that one day PHILIPS, SANYO, AWA, TECHNICS, YAMAHA, PIONEER etc etc would be out of the game. Apples day is coming, and so may Samsungs. So get your head out of your asses and look at history. Game changers were many. Apples limited product choice is sure sign of another failing company near future. two countrys make up half the worlds consumer population, China, India, And lets be clear, IPHONE isn’t the most popular in either by a mile.

    1. Hey Crap,
      one person’s “limited product choice” is another’s tight focus on market demand and elegance of industrial design and software/hardware integration, and recognition of developer simplicity. who commands the largest portion of smartphone profits overall? Apple, despite being dwarfed in market share by Samsung and all the other off label white box Chinese knockoffs and imitations. On the PC side, Apple, because of quality, user experience, and the “halo effect”, has the highest market share since the 90’s. Apple, I think, does pay attention to history, and has so far avoided the pride/arrogance/hubris that contributed to the downfall of the former greats that you listed. happy thanksgiving you turkey

    2. Japan used to be at the forefront of the consumer electronics world. Why did they lose there edge? Maybe because things got commoditized to the point of very thin margins. They brought the quality down to try to squeeze better margins and the rest is history. I remember when Sony used to be “The One and Only”. So as long as Apple keeps paying attention to there products the way they have done in the past 30 YEARS!, I think they will be OK.

    3. 1. Those were one-off products that were commoditized and then replaced with new inventions. In contrast, Apple has an ECOSYTEM of the highest quality smartphones, computers and tablets which seamlessly communicate with each other and are supported by the best apps and customer service.

      2. The commodity players will remain popular with the illiterate and downtrodden, but some of these people will wake-up and realize the error of their ways. For example, they will understand what the definition of frustrating means when they have to wait two hours for customer service. And then one day a lightbulb will illuminate their vegetable brains and they will realize it sucks donkey balls and garbanzo beans that their Android phone can’t seamlessly communicate with their Microsoft Windows computer. “The horror…” In many parts of the world the population is young, and as time moves forward many of these folks will become wiser and learn that buying cheap crap costs much more in the long run.

      3. A company might invent some new killer tech, but for the last several years there has been jack shit coming out of the main competitors and upstarts; everyone currently and enthusiastically copies Apple’s ideas. And even if the competition does invent something groundbreaking they still have to create the massive supply chain and ecosystem/supporting products. – can’t build Rome in a day.

      – No, Apple isn’t going to turn into RCA like that dumbass on CNBC spouted in December 2012. They are thriving and their ideas will continue to make the world a more pleasant place to live in for years to come.

    4. When you say iphone is not the most popular I presume you mean more people buy other devices. I suspect that iphone is still the most popular. People want it they just can’t afford it. I want a Ferrari but I drive a Prius. When those consumers in India and China can afford an iPhone they will make the change and get one. Apple don’t care if you buy another device at a category price point they choose not to compete for.

  6. If one continues to build quality, one can have a very profitable future. BMW began building cars in 1929 and seems to be doing okay today, while other brands have come and gone. The world Apple lives in is of course changing rapidly, but my guess is that is Apple’s advantage. Further, they can make offers innovators cannot refuse.

  7. Xiaomi. Once again: NO COMPETITION. No innovation. No invention. No ideas. Nothing new. China.

    Cheap wannabe knockoffs of the iPhone: Been there, seen that, crap is crap. BFD if crap sells at “Number One”. SOS (same-old-shite) all over again.

    *yawn* 😴

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