How Apple is absolutely poised to win Black Friday 2014

“Apple is poised to win Black Friday and perhaps the holiday shopping season as the world’s largest company pushes perhaps its strongest product lineup ever featuring the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,” Chris Ciaccia writes for TheStreet.

“Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White notes that Apple’s portfolio refresh, which began in September with the new iPhones, coupled with the lack of innovation from Samsung and Google, should help Apple “‘shine bright this holiday season,'” Ciaccia writes. “A strengthening economy and weaker gas prices have also bolstered consumer spending, White adds.”

Ciaccia writes, “Additionally, the company’s latest tablets, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3, unveiled in October, are likely to be the ‘go to’ tablets this year, White noted, helped in part by a gold colored iPad. ‘This is the first holiday season that consumers will be able to purchase a gold-colored iPad, and we expect this extra touch of ‘bling’ to prove popular across the malls of America,’ White penned in the note.”

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    1. He means “….coupled with the lack of ability to truly innovate at all from Shamstung…”

      As Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz might say to the Samsung Cowardly Copying Lion “Apple’s got one thing you haven’t got – nor will get – a superior and comprehensive ecosystem that attracts in ways you haven’t a clue about, nor consumer trust to build.”

      1. Samsung understands the concept of the comprehensive ecosystem the way a blind man understands a rainbow. When all my Apple stuff is working together it becomes a gestalt rather than individual components. What other company is capable of doing that?

      1. Yep, trying to get best deal I can in our system. Willing to pay for good value, and with $150 off, all the better. And as an Apple shareholder of a whopping 228 shares, I’m liking the bumps to the share price, including today. Looks like another all time high.

    1. Problem is with these $100-150 off Black Friday sales on pricier Macs is you can save that everyday by just shopping from B&H, assuming you don’t live in New York. Or from Mac Connection. The sales tax money savings can go towards Apple Care. (And yeah I know you’re supposed to report it, like anybody does.)

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