Apple+IBM: The implications

“The new partnership between Apple and IBM Corp. is based on the combination of their individual strengths,” J. M. Manness writes for Seeking Alpha. “It brings IBM’s Big Data expertise and its back-end services together with Apple developers’ skills in bringing clear, intuitive interface designs to the iPad and iPhone platforms.”

“Obviously, a major rationale for this partnership is to push growth of the iPad, which has been sagging of late. While the MobileFirst program is for both iPhones and iPads, it is the latter that will be used most often in any complex data analytics app that is highly interactive. If you want to retrieve some information about a customer while on the road, an iPhone – particularly one of the new larger ones – is sufficient, but for the interactive display of charts, query of what-if scenarios or just the display of a more complex data set, the larger screen of the iPad is pretty much necessary,” Manness writes. “Sales figures for the iPad have been astounding. If you compare with those for the iPhone, you can see that uptake of the iPad was much quicker than that of the iconic smartphone.”

“There is a strong suggestion that much more is going on here than Apple is admitting,” Manness writes. “I see evidence that Apple is preparing a massive advance on the enterprise that may rewrite the whole technology landscape.”

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  1. With this Apple/IBM deal, I’d love to see Apple get serious about enterprise customers and bring WebObjects back. A rewrite of WebObjects in Swift would be an incredible platform for modern day web services.


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