Nokia re-enters consumer electronics with 7.9-inch iPad mini knockoff

“Just months after selling its ailing handsets business to Microsoft, the Finnish company is planning to go back into the consumer market with a new tablet,” Matti Huuhtanen reports for The Associated Press. “It will launch a 7.9-inch device early next year in China, the world’s biggest market, before selling it elsewhere.”

“The device will be manufactured by Foxconn, which makes Apple’s handsets. And it will operate Android instead of the Windows software Nokia used on its cellphones when it began a partnership with Microsoft in 2011. That partnership ended unsuccessfully — in April, Nokia sold its cellphones unit to Microsoft for $7.2 billion,” Huuhtanen reports. “Sebastian Nystrom, head of at Nokia’s technologies unit, described the N1 tablet as ‘a new beginning for Nokia.'”

“The aluminum-cased tablet uses Google’s Android Lollipop operating system, and will retail for some $250,” Huuhtanen reports. “‘It’s pointing in the right direction, but there are some real challenges,’ said Neil Mawston from Strategy Analytics, near London. ‘It doesn’t have the distribution channels that others like Samsung and Apple enjoy, and nobody is making any profits in Android tablets at the moment.'”

Trade Dress Infringement: Apple 7.9-inch iPad mini 3 (left) vs. Nokia 7.9-inch N1 tablet (right)
Trade Dress Infringement: Apple 7.9-inch iPad mini 3 (left) vs. Nokia 7.9-inch N1 tablet (right)


MacDailyNews Take: A textbook example of Trade Dress Infringement, if there ever was one.

“After holding the No.1 spot in cellphones for 14 years, Nokia wasn’t able to meet the challenge when Apple in 2007 introduced the iPhone, and also began to lose the competition to cheaper Asian manufacturers,” Huuhtanen reports. “‘We are pleased to bring the Nokia brand back into consumers’ hands,’ said Nystrom. He hinted Nokia was also interested in producing an Android smartphone. That can’t happen before 2016, however, as the Microsoft deal included a commitment that Nokia not enter the smartphone business before then.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We have only one question for the “leadership” of Nokia:

Exactly how high are you?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sparkles” for the heads up.]

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    1. I think Nokia’s strategy is to have an Android tablet (whether it sells or not); wait until Microsoft ultimately gives up on Surface, and have no choice but to “go Android.” Then, Nokia gets bought by Microsoft AGAIN, this time for their Android tablets.

      And the next around, the Nokia “left over” can do smart watches…

      1. Joking aside, if they can steal Apple’s IP and make a slick tablet with Lollipop (which is damn nice).. good for them.

        But it’s illegal. And if their plan is to never sell it in developed countries with legal systems, then fine, good for them. They can be kings of a steaming pile of turd called China.

        Oh wait, that’s not right, because the iPad is actually selling in China. So they can compete for the leftovers in a country with no legal system. Have fun with that. Can’t wait until a local company takes them out with the very same strategy ;).

  1. If I was short on money, I’d rather buy an old 1stGen iPad mini before this crap. I don’t care what the specs look like. Hell for $250 you can get a refurbished iPad mini Retina from the Apple online store. There is absolutely no reason to settle for garbage in the tablet space today; the iPad is accessible by all.

  2. Apple may have been a sleeping giant before Jobs return but Nokia is/was a sleeping midget content with status quo and never pushing the human race forward if it rocked their boat too much. All they get is my unbridled contempt and as dated as this expression is so “NOT WORTHY!” Same with Microsoft. You snooze you lose in business. And sometimes catastrophically.

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